Salesforce Commerce Cloud Launches Mobile-First Storefront Reference Architecture

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Launches Mobile-First Storefront Reference Architecture

Salesforce Commerce Cloud has launched its mobile-first Storefront Reference Architecture – an out-of-the-box framework that combines best practices in site design, merchandising and technical architecture for digital commerce.

Thanks to its pre-built storefront templates (including homepage, checkout, fully-functional shopping cart, product description pages, and more) and pre-configured third-party integrations, Storefront Reference Architecture now makes it easier and faster for businesses to develop mobile sites and optimize the experience across devices.

Toppan Digital Language’s Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge has been certified since 2015. As a LINK Technology Partner, our cartridge is continuously updated and improved in response to client feedback and the latest developments in eCommerce. The cartridge fully supports the new mobile-first Storefront Reference Architecture.

Toppan Digital Language has been selected as an official LINK “Launch Partner”, allowing us to become more involved in the Salesforce Commerce Cloud community in order to gain additional insights into how retailers and brands are using the platform, and provide additional value to our clients and their international mobile commerce needs.

The latest version of the cartridge is the most advanced localization integration available for Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Key features include:

  • Source language flexibility
  • Improved search functionality
  • Faster content retrieval
  • Manage larger batches
  • Supports product categories
  • Enhanced multi-site capabilities

The certified cartridge is available to download from the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Link Marketplace.

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Written by Demetrius Williams
Demetrius Williams
Demetrius Williams is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Toppan Digital Language and has previous eCommerce experience working with a number of luxury brands in the fashion and beauty industry. He enjoys photography, binge-watching Netflix and can often be found roaming around London with a camera in his hand.

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