Product Descriptions

Translate one or all of your products at the click of a button

The best product descriptions address your ideal customer directly and personally and rely on communicating the benefits of your product to them rather than focusing on features. But, customers in different regions display radically different behaviour so a standard translation service is likely to result in product descriptions that fail to entice users to buy.

The terms used by your international customers to find your products are likely to be different from the terms used by customers in your domestic market and therefore, the translated content will need to be adapted if it’s to be successful.

As part of our onboarding process, we will work with your marketing team to develop buyer personas for each of your product categories in order to select the most appropriate linguists for your project and to develop in-depth knowledge of your brand, products and target audience.

We’ll then build a bespoke glossary for your content to ensure that the translated content is consistent, accurate and of a high standard, regardless of the number of linguists actively working on the project.

And to improve efficiency and reduce costs and time to market – we can integrate your eCommerce platform to our translation management system, STREAM, to allow you to send products directly to us from your site admin panel without the need for time-consuming and error prone copying and pasting or email communication.

More than just translation...

Transcreation Creative translation service

We can adapt the translations of your product descriptions and editorial to ensure that your brand message is conveyed without the loss of style, tone or context regardless of the country, region or language you're targeting.

Product DescriptionsLocalized product descriptions

We have developed a variety of online tools and eCommerce platform integrations that allow you to translate one product description or an entire product catalogue into over 250 languages at the click of a button.

Why our clients choose us


By including quality management as a core aspect of our technology and workflow – we can provide the highest quality professional translations for your project, regardless of the target audience, language, territory or culture.


Efficient processes, consistent translations, and cost and process transparency — we can connect with a range of content management systems, eCommerce platforms and development frameworks.


We will provide you with a dedicated account manager who will work with your team of project managers to select the best linguists with specific expertise in your business sector to handle your translation projects.