Easy Website Localisation with Drupal & TOPPAN Digital Language

TOPPAN Digital Language has just released a module to integrate Drupal with its state-of-the-art translation workflow management system, STREAM.

The module works in conjunction with the Translation Management Tool for Drupal – a popular website localisation module which simplifies the translation process and allows users with little, if any, technical knowledge or development expertise to begin localising their websites.

Drupal users can now send their web pages to us and retrieve high-quality localised and search engine optimised content in over 250 languages – all without having to export or import any files. Here’s how it works.


To get the most out of the TOPPAN Digital Language integration with Drupal – there are a number of modules that need to be installed first. A complete list of these modules can be found here:

Installation and configuration

If your site is not already configured to support multiple languages, then the first step is to ensure that you set up all of the languages that you would like to support by visiting the “Languages” page in the “Configuration” section of Drupal.

Regions and languages

Simply “Add language” for all the languages that you would like to publish content into.

Languages added

Before you begin, you’ll need to contact TOPPAN Digital Language to receive a copy of the TOPPAN Digital Language language translation module for Drupal module and the relevant API keys to allow access to our systems. Once received, you need to install and active the module.

Install and activate TOPPAN Digital Language language trans module

Once installed, a new option for “Translation Management Translators” appears in the “Configuration” page in Drupal.

Select translation management translators

Next, simply add TOPPAN Digital Language as a translator by clicking on “Add Translator”.

Add a translatorName the translator and select “TranslateMedia” from the dropdown menu for “Translator plugin”.

Name translator - TOPPAN Digital Language

Once the TOPPAN Digital Language “translator” is created it will appear in the list of translators as shown below.

Select TOPPAN Digital Language

And that’s it. You’re ready to go. Now, it’s possible start sending content to TOPPAN Digital Language for translation.

Sending content for translation

Once installed, a new option for “Translation” will appear in the top menu in Drupal. By visiting the “Sources” tab in the “Translation” section of Drupal, it’s possible to select content for translation and add items to your “cart”.

Select content for translation

Once items are selected for translation, it’s just a case of selecting the relevant target languages and submitting those items for translation.

Request translation

Once the job has been submitted, you’ll be notified that the request has been successful. At this point, your dedicated account manager will receive your request and deliver your source content to the most qualified human translator available.

Translation job submitted

Checking the progress of translation jobs

While jobs are in the process of being translated, the status of all outstanding jobs will be shown in the “Translations” tab within Drupal so you can check on the progress of all of your translation projects without having to get in touch with your account manager.

In progress

Reviewing and importing completed translation jobs

Once the translations have been completed, the status of these jobs will change to “Needs review” and by clicking on “Review”, it’s possible to check the translation has been completed and the content is being displayed correctly.

Review content

After reviewing the content, the translated content can be accepted or rejected.


And once completed, the translated content will appear in the “Translation” section of your Drupal website admin panel.


Finally, the translated content will be accessible via separate tabs for each language that has been set up for which content is available when editing a content item within Drupal.

Completed translations


Need to know more about our Drupal integration? Please get in touch.

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