Sitecore Translation

Translate your Sitecore website using TOPPAN Digital Language’s pre-built integrated solution.

Sitecore is more than just a CMS, it’s a customer experience platform covering rich online experiences that allow brands to place the customer at the centre of everything they do.

The platform provides lots of pre-built features and useful functionality which can be extended and customised to meet the needs of your business. These include content personalization, mobile and multi-device support, social media integration, eCommerce, aggregation and syndication, multi-site capabilities and importantly, multi-language content support with translation built in.

Our Sitecore integration

We’ve developed a solution that allows you to connect your Sitecore application to our translation management system, STREAM – allowing you to send content for translation, receive quotes, translate the content using the highest quality human translation and review and finally, publish the multi-language content onto your international website.

The integration allows you to easily check for any content that has been previously translated, content that is new or has been updated that may require translation and manage the process easily from a single dashboard within your Sitecore back end.

The entire process is highly secure, sending and retrieving content through the HTTPS protocol using the latest in SSL encryption standards. This means that the content you send for translation and the completed translations that are returned to Sitecore are protected during the entire process.

At TOPPAN Digital Language we cover all aspects of localization for your Sitecore site, such as:

  • Content translation – Pages, blogs, product descriptions;
  • International SEO
  • User Interface / navigation
  • User Experience FAQs
  • Legal Terms and Conditions

All translations are carried out by professional, native-speaking, highly-specialized translators and reviewed by equally qualified revisers.

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