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The internet has lowered the barriers to entry for businesses of all sizes and it is now possible to reach users at the furthest ends of the globe at costs that were previously unthinkable.

As a result, there has been a huge rise in the demand for digital marketing translation services to enable brands to engage users regardless of their language or territory.

TOPPAN Digital Language is a leader in translation and transcreation of digital marketing material for small and large brands and retailers alike.

Below are just some of the digital marketing services we offer.

International SEO

Whether you want to undertake an international SEO campaign for your entire website, or just a few specific pages, choose TOPPAN Digital Language. We offer specialist multilingual services that provide excellent results.

At TOPPAN Digital Language, we only work with mother-tongue translators who are professionally trained linguists and we take a holistic approach to our international SEO offering, helping to ensure that your website enjoys increased traffic from a global audience.

We’ve delivered great results from our SEO projects and have experience in international SEO in many different languages but the most popular tend to be French, German, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, Japanese and traditional and simplified Chinese.

To get International Search Engine Optimization right, you need more than just language skills. You need local expertise and knowledge about how search works in each target market. Getting keyword research right, in all of your target markets, is one of the first and most important steps and can require more than the usual professional translation service.

Multi-language PPC

In order to achieve success – both in domestic markets and globally – you need to ensure that you’re selecting the right keywords for your multi-lingual PPC campaigns. These are the ones that are not only most widely used in your target region but also by your target audience. This process is known as international keyword research.

Our multi-lingual keyword research ensures that you obtain the best value from your paid search activity. Selecting the right keywords means you don’t waste money on clicks for irrelevant or unprofitable keywords and customer segments and this improves your ROI from PPC activity in the long term.

Many brands choose to simply translate their keywords from the source language to the target language without any adaptation. This can be a huge and costly mistake since a literal translation of a key term does not always mean the same thing in another language.

For example, the popular English term to search for flights is “cheap flights” and this term is searched for on Google millions of times a month. The literal translation into Italian is “voli economici”.

Multi-lingual Social Media

With large populations in emerging markets coming online for the first time and embracing social media, multi-lingual social media monitoring and management has become increasingly important in recent years.

Facebook and Twitter have long been seen by some as a purely social channel with very little actual value to many brands. Among people who recognize the value that social networks can bring to a brand, there is still some confusion about how to maximize the opportunities and monitor activity systematically.

Whether or not your organization has Facebook and Twitter pages, your customers may well be online and talking about your brand. Companies are increasingly seeing the need to be engaged in social media, in order to represent their brand, and moderate conversations.

When you operate in markets around the world and potentially have customers speaking in a wide variety of languages, multilingual social media monitoring means that you can keep moderating, no matter the region and language.

International Email Marketing

Email has been a crucial element of direct marketing since the late 1990s as internet users began to adopt this new method of communication. Early internet pioneers, recognising the importance of email as a marketing tool, began enhancing their marketing strategies by implementing email marketing programmes in order to reach early adopters. And email is still just as important today.

International email marketing poses some fairly serious challenges for businesses due to language and cultural differences, legal constraints and different attitudes to technology and privacy. Being aware of these differences will increase your organization’s chances of success when formulating and implementing your email marketing strategy. These are all reasons why selecting the right language partner for your email marketing can be the difference between success and failure.

So, contact us for a no-obligation quote to see how we can help you succeed in an increasingly connected world.

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