Retail Translation

We work with some of the world’s largest retail groups, as well as many smaller, boutique retailers – delivering high-quality translations in over 250 languages to support their international operations.

Retail ecommerce translation

A truly international ecommerce website is vital to expanding your business into foreign markets.  It increases your global reach and the number of potential customers that you can target.

Website localization allows you to expand your online presence on international search engines, helping customers in global markets to interact with your brand in the language of their choice – increasing trust, loyalty and boosting conversion rates in the process.

However, translating your website content is just a small piece of a much larger puzzle.

Brands with successful localization, which includes not only translation but specific changes to the layout and design of their websites, tend to fare better in the markets that they target. Those that go that one step further and transcreate their source material, ensuring that they take into account the cultural and emotional preferences of their target audience are more likely to succeed in breaking into these markets than those that simply translate their content. Luckily we’re here to help.

Why work with Toppan Digital Language?

Toppan Digital Language has years of experience helping our clients with the whole store localization process, which involves gaining increased exposure on local search engines, maintaining brand identity and tone of voice, and adapting marketing campaigns to the target country and audience.

With us, each client receives a dedicated project manager that has industry experience and understands your market and audience – allowing for accurate translations that will resonate with your customers.

We provide the technology, expertise and advice you require to succeed in your international expansion projects. On top of that we provide free access to our best-in-class project management tools to ensure that the whole process is as efficient as possible.

Advanced Translation Management technology

We have invested heavily in online workflow technology since our beginnings, which means that we are several steps ahead of the competition.

STREAM workflow system is one of the most advanced in the industry: it integrates with several eCommerce and CRM systems (Demandware, Hybris, IBM, Magento etc) so brands can send and receive pre-formatted text effortlessly.

Our procedures and smart processes for the best ways to approach localization for currency, delivery, sizing and SEO will help your business achieve economies of scale.

The human touch

Our project team has a successful track record in managing translation projects for eCommerce businesses, as well as providing website development consultancy to ensure that their multilingual sites achieve success in their target overseas territories.

We have teams of specialists in fields such as FMCG, fashion, luxury, menswear, children’s, knitwear, lingerie, outdoor, footwear, jewelry, cosmetics, gifts and gadgets. We also employ creative translators who work with brands to translate creative headlines for international blogs, marketing email campaigns and landing pages – allowing our retail clients to deliver seamless omni-channel experiences to their customers around the world.