LinkedIn Launches in Japan

LinkedIn has recently announced the launching of a Japanese language version of its professional social networking website.

The decision signals the rapidly growing use of the site in Asia. The California-based company has also established a Tokyo office following their venture into the region.

Arvind Rajan, head of LinkedIn’s Asia operations, believes that Japan is a key market for the company, as it has a large and technologically nuanced workforce. LinkedIn currently has 120 million members worldwide, with 20 million of these users being based in Asia and the South Pacific.

“We think there are tremendous opportunities for growth not only in Japan but in entire region,” Rajan said at a press conference in Tokyo. “If you look at LinkedIn’s business as a whole around the world, we feel we’re still just scratching the surface.”

LinkedIn is now available in 10 languages, with Russian, Romanian, and Turkish versions of the website being launched earlier this year.

Rajan added that the company is not entirely focused on revenue at the moment, as the aim is to foster growth and create a perfectly localised version of the social networking website.

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