Specialist Regulatory Translations

TOPPAN Digital Language has for several years provided translation services for the pharmaceutical industry. We have achieved high qualification in providing accurate translations to drug research companies, contract research organisations and consultancies across the world.

Since 2004 TOPPAN Digital Language has become one of the leading suppliers to the pharmaceutical industry across the globe in regards to language services.

In seven years we have become preferred suppliers to a number of the top 30 pharmaceutical, clinical and biotech companies as well as many medium and small scale organisations.

TOPPAN Digital Language provides language services across a number of areas, such as translation of documents and websites, interpreters for conferences, meetings, clinical trials, and cultural consulting, among other services.

We have a large supply of tested qualified linguists that specialise in specific industry areas. All our translators go through a strict qualification process before being given any documentation to work on and all our covered under a non-disclosure agreements.

With regards to the documents that we have translated in the past, these include CMC Documentation, Packaging and Labeling, New Drug Applications and Marketing Authorization Applications. You can find a full list of our abilities in our life sciences session of the website.

To ensure materials comply with regulatory standards in Europe, North American and Asia TOPPAN Digital Language has partnered with AKOS Ltd. AKOS Ltd has since 1986 been regulatory affairs experts for the pharmaceutical industry and offer pharmacoviligance solutions.

Also as part of our commitment to assist the pharmaceutical industry TOPPAN Digital Language has also joined InPharm.com. This new established partnership with InPharm.com is designed to bring both a high quality service at a cost effective means to its members. If your company is a member of InPharm.com you can benefit from the special rates we offer which allows both an original translator and a second proofreader to conduct a premium service translation.

If you would like an further information please feel free to use the contact details below.

Tim John, Business Development Manager, Pharma Industry
Tim John

Business Development Manager


Tel: +44 203 137 0805

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