Conference Interpreting in Macau

Unity Technologies – Three day interpreting assignment in Macau. Overcoming cross border challenges.


Unity Technologies are renowned throughout the gaming industry as the platform to use to create the best 2D and 3D games. The games you can make with Unity are highly-optimized and beautiful, and can be deployed with a click to several platforms. Unity Technologies was attending a major trade show in Macau and needed a bilingual Cantonese and English interpreter with advanced knowledge of Mandarin to accompany them for the three-day event. The interpreter needed to assist them with all their professional communication requirements during the duration of this key event.


As Unity is so highly regarded within the gaming industry, it was essential for TOPPAN Digital Language to provide an experienced interpreter with specialist knowledge of the sector, but also with outstanding interpersonal and intercultural skills. The interpreter needed to be not only from the region, in order to provide the best cultural fit, but also virtually trilingual, i.e. able to communicate flawlessly in Cantonese, Mandarin and English. On top of that, the interpreter needed to be able to handle different forms of communication, from informal chats to technical and business discussions (including gaming-specific language and technicalities), as well as to be able to accommodate cultural differences within an international arena.

The Results

TOPPAN Digital Language provided the perfect interpreter and put all the expertise, energy and resources available into ensuring this. We used our global reach to interview the top interpreters within the region and find the perfect fit. This involved organising several calls and linguistic tests on the topic to determine suitability.

The interpreter who was assigned to the trade show had ten years of experience in gaming trade shows and business exhibitions. They had worked for companies involved in gaming software so they had excellent contextual knowledge and cultural awareness. Our interpreter was a Cantonese native speaker with proficient knowledge of Mandarin and English.

We were in contact with both Unity and the interpreter right up to the event to ensure both sides were comfortable and prepared. During the Macau show we were on call, to ensure support was provided when needed. In short, we provided Unity with the specialised resource they needed and they came back to us the following year requesting the same interpreter for the same show!

” TOPPAN Digital Language’s ability to provide highly qualified resources and assist with nimble and responsive service throughout the event was much appreciated. We will be using their services during this year’s event too! ”


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