Translation of Complex MR Consumer Questionnaires

Mintel – Translation of complex market research consumer questionnaires.


Mintel is the world’s leading market intelligence agency, providing market analysis across 34 countries. Mintel offer their clients a unique perspective on the consumer landscape on topics such as beauty, health & wellness, and food and retail. For this ongoing project, Mintel requires translation, proofreading and adaptation of a series of complex consumer questionnaires into five European languages.


TOPPAN Digital Language has to make sure the terminology used remains consistent with previous waves and ensure that all the client feedback and preferences previously received are incorporated into all markets. TOPPAN Digital Language is challenged to provide consistent and culturally adapted translations across all the five markets, so all products and brands are easily identifiable by respondents.

The Results

TOPPAN Digital Language’s dedicated Project Managers put together a rigorously selected team of translators and proofreaders with a deep knowledge of the market research industry. We make sure to localise all brand names and products so they are representative for the culture in each of the markets. As per our ISO-certified processes, our internal QA team check all the translations prior to delivery. We prepare a log of the changes and cultural recommendations delivered so that Mintel are able to track all the cultural adaptations made to the original source text.

” We are extremely happy with TOPPAN Digital Language. The Project Managers always keep us updated on the progress of the translations and we find the cultural and bespoke advice they provide for each of their deliveries extremely useful. ”


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