[CASE STUDY] – Can you reduce product description translation costs by 25% permanently? 

(And still maintain quality and tone of voice?)

More products, more problems 

Here’s the thing: fashion moves fast. 

Lightning fast. 

And for global brands, it’s a race not just to keep up; brands have to be trailblazers.  

An iconic UK retail brand, recognized as a leading youth-focused fashion innovator, faced a unique challenge.
Their catalog was exponentially growing. And with this growth, they needed lightning-quick, accurate translations that carried their unique voice across the world.  

It was clear they needed a combination of high-tech speed with that instantly relatable human touch.  

And that’s where we stepped in. 

More products, more problems 

A Fashionably Fluent Framework 

We crafted a tailor-made neural machine translation model.
This wasn’t just any off-the-shelf software.

We trained the machine engine using custom data to understand, mimic, and replicate the brand’s distinct voice and style.  

But what about that human touch? 

We brought in a team of skilled linguists and produced a creative brief so they could get to know the essence of the brand.

Then, they fine-tuned the machine translation output.  

This winning combo of human and machine ensured that every translated word was on brand and meticulously tailored for the target audience. 

A Fashionably Fluent Framework 

Cutting Costs, Not Corners 

We translated vast numbers of content and product descriptions, including descriptions with automated daily drops for limited-edition products that are released each day. 

As a result, our blend of tech-savvy and language know-how reduced the cost of product description translations by 25%.

And the cherry on top?

Translation turnaround time fell from three days to just 24 hours.

Cutting Costs, Not Corners 
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