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When it comes to developing software for the global market, it is vital that you adequately customise the user interface and any related documentation for specific countries.
While this will mainly involve translating text into the local language, it will also require a detailed knowledge of your target audience – as well as of the sector the software application is aimed at – to ensure end users are able to use the product proficiently.

TOPPAN Digital Language offers a range of effective localisation services that are based on our unique technical expertise in the software development sector. As a leading translation company with experience in a range of industries, our linguists can help you create applications that resonate with your customers in the right way.

Software localisation: what does it involve?

Using localisation services for software can be beneficial for a number of reasons, but perhaps the main advantage is the fact that your application will be made available to a wider audience.

This means you could potentially see higher sales – but only if your software has been localised in an effective way.

You will need to ensure the graphic user interface is properly translated into the right languages – especially all technical terms and phrases.

Digital and physical documentation such as the user manual and help pages will also need to be localised so that end users can easily get to grips with the software.

If you are releasing your software in a number of markets that have the same language, you will likely still need to customise your products to account for the subtle differences that inevitably occur in such countries – for example, British English is distinct from American English, as is Swiss French from that spoken in France.

It is possible to draw upon localisation services that can deal with a host of platforms and technologies ranging from HTML and C++ to Flash, PHP, Perl and Python.

At TOPPAN Digital Language, our technical experience can help you get the job done when it comes to localising software.

We hand-pick our linguist teams for specific projects, so you can be sure that our localisation services will be suitable for your needs.

Our experts have experience of a wide range of languages and industries, including IT, engineering and construction, finance and banking, defence and security, life sciences and online gaming.

Whatever sector you are in and whatever the purpose of your software, our localisation and translation services can help you make your application easy to get to grips with for a wider user base.

We have been in the business of translating all kinds of content for a variety of platforms since 2004 and have developed our own technologies to help us to do this as efficiently as possible.

Our clients include Oxford University Press,, Sporting Bet and RSM Tenon, among others and our charter ensures we offer the best service possible to those who take advantage of our translation expertise.

We strive to respond to client queries within two hours and make sure they are dealt with by experts with the right knowledge.

Our network of thousands of professional linguists stretches around the world, ensuring you can tap into a knowledge of the local market that only comes with living in a particular area for a significant period of time.

TOPPAN Digital Language is also a member of the American Translators Association and the Association of Translation Companies.

To find out more about our software localisation services, get in touch with your nearest office today.

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