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Leading automobile manufacturer – Translation of Customer Engagement Management tool and related staff & dealership training materials into 28 languages.


Our client is a leading automobile manufacturer present in 75 countries and exporting more than 80% of its vehicles. With technology at the core of everything they do, this global leader invested in a comprehensive online Customer Engagement Management tool to monitor their global customers’ feedback and train their staff and dealership on the best practice techniques to deliver an enhanced customer experience across their markets.


This particular project presented several challenges due to its size, file complexity and tight timelines. The project was divided into 5 stages, one of which involved translating, proofreading and localizing almost 200,000 words into 28 languages in various file formats within a short period of time. Documents consisted of several file formats including email templates, video scripts, large Excel files and PDFs with non-editable content, which all required the technical expertise of a professional language service provider experienced in handling large online and e-learning training projects.

The Results

In order to meet the requested deadlines and high quality standards, a dedicated team of Project Managers, with the support of our Global Vendor Managers, worked together to line up the best translation and technical team across different time zones. Thorough final checks were carried out by native speakers and internal QA teams at the end of each stage to ensure coherent use of terminology across all file types in strict compliance with our ISO-certified processes. The video scripts required special attention from our linguistic teams who were tasked with producing content with a limited number of characters and words that would perfectly fit into the time-coded audio and video files.

By leveraging the right DTP applications, our technical team localised all complex PDF files and images into Roman and Right-to-Left languages, ensuring correct display and typography of each locale.

The project was successfully completed and delivered on budget thanks to the combined effort and productive cooperation of our in-house teams and network of subject-specialists, who worked together towards the timely completion of all stages.

The deliverables fully met the standards of each market and our client was highly satisfied with the fast turnaround and top quality delivery.

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