Complex Multilingual Typesetting for Global Retailer

Global Retailer – Translation and typesetting of multiple complex files.


Our client is a high-growth retail chain operating in markets throughout Europe. They are continually acquiring and improving facilities in these markets and demand high levels of standardisation and consistency in their construction and operation. This ongoing project requires the translation of multiple documents and typesetting of complex AutoCAD files for use in the construction and maintenance of their facilities across Europe.


Our client’s drawings and related documentation are reviewed and updated on an ongoing basis and the terminology used needs to remain consistent from version to version and with other documents translated for them. As these particular documents and drawings are used in construction, accuracy, and quality of the translation are also critical.

It is equally important to be able to reproduce the drawings so that all target languages match exactly the original design and layout.

The Results

To deliver the highest quality translation services, TOPPAN Digital Language developed a streamlined localisation workflow thanks to our efficient use of technology tools. Our dedicated Project Managers put together a team of AutoCAD typesetting experts and subject-specialist translators experienced in Logistics & Operations. Technical proofreaders were also lined up to review all documents before final quality checks were completed by trained linguists as part of our ISO-certified processes. The use of appropriate technology allows us to export the text in a translatable format and leverage existing translations, thus saving time and ensuring consistency throughout the translations and different versions of the same files.

When the translations are flowed back into the original artwork, the target language documents are adapted to reflect local typographic rules and brand expectations from in-country teams. This allows for consistent standards and a quick approval stage from relevant markets, ensuring that a facility in the UK looks exactly like its equivalent in Germany or in the other countries in which they operate.

Our client achieves not only further cost efficiencies but quality deliverables thanks to the combination of translation and DTP work.

” The service received from TOPPAN Digital Language has been consistently great over the years and quality-driven across different types of technical documentation. We can definitely rely on their professionalism and expertise for the translation of our materials. ”


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