Translation of Expert Medical Protocol

CERC – Translation of protocol synopsis and full protocol.


The Cardiovascular European Research Centre (CERC) is a French Contract Research Organisation focused on the development of innovative techniques, concepts and treatments. Their Medical Advisory Council provides guidance and expert support in a broad range of clinical trials dedicated to the assessment of interventional coronary and peripheral revascularisation, structural and valvular heart disease treatments and adjunctive pharmacology. Amongst the many projects with TOPPAN Digital Language, they carried out a clinical trial that required certified translations of a protocol synopsis and the full protocol.


The CERC clinical trials require translation of a series of very specialised documents that use highly specific medical and technical terminology. In addition to this, medical protocols typically have a very high volume of words. TOPPAN Digital Language’s challenge was to provide accurate and consistent translations of two very specialised documents across the five languages under a tight deadline.

The Results

TOPPAN Digital Language set-up a team of translators and proofreaders with the specific medical translation expertise for this project. Following our ISO-certified processes, we also put together a separate team of in-house linguists to carry out final checks on the translations. A list of queries that was shared with all the linguists in order to assure consistency among languages. Open communication with the client, efficient language services processes and a focus on quality enabled us to deliver ahead of schedule with a detailed list of delivery comments highlighting key choices suggested.

” We have been working with TOPPAN Digital Language for over 3 years and are very satisfied with their work. Their Project Managers are always responsive, add value to the work we do and the quality of their translations is great. ”


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