Creative Translation of Medical Concepts

Cello Health Insight – Creative medical translation for disease awareness campaign.


Cello Health Insight is a bespoke agency specialising in healthcare market research, and is a trusted partner to the global pharmaceutical industry. They were appointed by a global healthcare leader to develop a disease awareness campaign with creative visual and written content. The campaign was aimed at specialist medical professionals in the US, Japan, France, Italy, Germany and Spain.


Cello Health Insight contacted TOPPAN Digital Language, their key translation partner with proven expertise in medical translations.

TOPPAN Digital Language was tasked with translating a number of PowerPoint concepts containing emotive imagery and taglines relating to the treatment of elderly patients. The key challenge here was to reproduce the scientific facts accurately in each target language whilst maintaining the emotional tone of the message.

Furthermore, the project had to be completed within a tight timeframe in order to allow time for market suitability and brand consistency checks to be performed before the official campaign launch.

The Results

After reviewing the project brief, TOPPAN Digital Language recommended their transcreation service which provides clients with a complete translation that captures the essence of the source content including the tone and style. Working closely with a team of specialised creative medical translators, their in-house linguists produced a localised message as powerful as the original English source, in line with the client brief and with respect to the cultural sensitivity of each locale. As per their ISO-certified processes, the TOPPAN Digital Language QA team carried out thorough checks against the brief to ensure that both the creative and emotive tone in the taglines were reproduced as faithfully as possible.

The translated concepts fully met the standards of each market and the client was highly satisfied with the fast turnaround and top quality delivery.

 » TOPPAN Digital Language are our global translation partner who we rely on for both quant and qual translation needs. Their expertise in healthcare and their professionalism and consultative approach continue to add value to our projects and to our business.  »


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