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Imparta – Translation of eLearning courses for multiple countries.


Imparta helps companies achieve significant and lasting improvements in sales and marketing effectiveness by combining researched content with a deep understanding of how adults learn and overcome barriers to change.  Their integrated, « best of breed » approach combines intensive simulation-based workshops with advanced diagnostic, coaching, and application tools.  Imparta has continued to successfully expand into new markets and, to facilitate this growth, needed to find a flexible, high-quality, language services company they could partner with.


The training solutions developed by Imparta use a combination of traditional and multi-media delivery techniques. Thus the translation of any one programme requires multiple competencies – business knowledge, consulting and learning language translation, integration of translations into various file formats including Flash, updating new language voiceovers, and subtitling. TOPPAN Digital Language was challenged to demonstrate all of these competencies in the translation of one of Imparta’s major training solutions into Spanish, Portuguese and Korean.

The Results

Beginning with text translation and integration of one part of Imparta’s simulation materials into Korean, TOPPAN Digital Language has now moved to the translation, localisation, text integration, modification of Flash animations, updating of voiceovers, and subtitling of complete training solutions of over 150,000 words. Leveraging the capabilities of TOPPAN Digital Language in several areas, Imparta is able to fully rely on us to deliver high-quality, ready-to-publish, solutions for it to pass on to its end clients.

 » Thanks for the great work on everything — I am hearing wonderful reviews both internally and externally. I am glad the relationship is working so well for both of us.  »


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