Translation of a Quantitative Healthcare Study

M3 Global Research – A challenging multiple-language project for a complex quantitative healthcare study


With the world’s largest professional healthcare panel and a reach of over 700 subspecialties, M3 Global Research has become the leading fieldwork provider for both qualitative and quantitative international healthcare studies. M3’s strong focus on the operational aspects of data collection allows them to offer the latest technical innovations when reaching respondents across multiple markets, be it via the internet, telephone or face-to-face.

As the prime provider of language services to M3, TOPPAN Digital Language was tasked with providing the translation, proofreading, overlay, in-language link check and open-ended responses translation for a five market quantitative healthcare study, with complex programming, multiple last-minute changes, and extremely tight timelines.


The translation task of the project started with a highly technical medical questionnaire and stimuli translated for five markets by the TOPPAN Digital Language team. Following the initial translations, both the questionnaire and stimuli underwent multiple rounds of updates (both small and large), within a very short timeframe. Our team was able to complete the updates at short notice with rigid quality checks in place, allowing no room for error.

The most challenging part of the process was the overlay, as the scripting of the online survey was highly complex, with many market-specific sections and routing. This required overlaying not only according to programming logic but also by taking into account the similar programming logic within the file against the stimuli slides. Upon completion of the overlay and link check, we received further updates to the study and yet again, our team was able to quickly implement them directly and deliver the final link as agreed.

The Results

The M3 and TOPPAN Digital Language PM teams worked closely together in partnership to establish an optimal workflow, maintaining a can-do attitude throughout, no matter the challenge. This was supported by a dedicated team of MR executives whose hard work meant we were able to deliver a perfectly working survey link.

TOPPAN Digital Language prides itself on high-standard deliverables and building client portfolios through quality, and this project was no exception. Our team of MR executives and project managers have a proven track record in healthcare, with specialisations in multiple areas such as HTML and programming, which was key in this process. This experience, coupled with local market knowledge, allowed us to deliver a high-quality project from start to finish.


 » I do want to say, this has been one of the most complicated translation jobs I’ve ever worked on and you and your team did an EXCELLENT job of handling it all with speed, quality and always with a positive attitude. Multiple countries with multiple changes usually sent piecemeal and some that came in even after we had received ‘final sign off’ from our client. It requires a very skilled project manager to keep all the chaos we threw at you organised as well as you did and you certainly made the experience as smooth as possible, while still maintaining timelines and even delivering earlier for some. Just want to say thank you to you and the team for your hard work on this one. We truly appreciate your partnership.  »


M3 Global Research

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