Multiple Language Services for Large Healthcare Study

M3 Global Research – Provision of multiple language services for a five country healthcare qualitative study.


With the world’s largest healthcare professional panel and a reach of over 700 subspecialties, M3 Global Research have become the leading fieldwork provider for both qualitative and quantitative international healthcare studies. M3’s strong focus on the operational aspects of data collection allow them to offer the latest technical innovations when reaching respondents via the internet, telephone or face-to-face across multiple markets.

As the prime provider of language services to M3, TOPPAN Digital Language was tasked with providing translation, proofreading, transcription and interpreting services for a large multi-country healthcare qualitative study with challenging timelines.


The transcription service element of the study involved over 60 AATD (alpha-1 antitrypsin) TDIs (telephone-depth interviews) with healthcare practitioners to transcribe in just under two weeks for five markets. Three were German speaking (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) and accounted for 60% of the interviews. These interviews were conducted in a very short timeframe and TOPPAN Digital Language received significantly more German files to transcribe per day than usual. This project required a large team of German, Spanish and Italian transcribers and a systematic quality assurance approach in order to meet the timelines and high-quality standards for which TOPPAN Digital Language is known for. In addition to this, the project encompassed a holiday period and many linguists were unavailable.

The Results

The M3 and TOPPAN Digital Language PM teams worked closely together in partnership to establish an optimal workflow and schedule that effectively allowed TOPPAN Digital Language to process the large volumes of transcripts in the given timeframe. A dedicated team of resource managers put together a strong team of reliable transcribers that were ready and available to work on the files as per the scheduled for the duration of the project.

TOPPAN Digital Language prides itself on high-standard deliverables and building client portfolios through quality, and this project was no exception. Our team of transcribers have a proven track record in healthcare with specialization in multiple areas, including respiratory diseases, which was key for this project. This experience, coupled with local market knowledge, allowed us to provide a high-quality deliverable not only for transcription but also the other language services provided for this large project.

” TOPPAN Digital Language is the key global language services provider and this project showed the quality, flexibility and service they are known for. Their deep expertise in the market research and healthcare sectors always shows through. ”


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