Access TOPPAN Digital Language’s language services via Lokalise. For software and app localization made easy.

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The Lokalise Translation Integration

TOPPAN Digital Language’s Lokalise Connector provides developers and users with native functionality to easily manage the localization of their software or app.

The best of both worlds

At TOPPAN Digital Language, we have had a successful partnership and a mature technical integration with Lokalise for quite some time. If you are a Lokalise user, you can seamlessly access our vetted linguists, account managers, and project managers.

Leverage the best of both worlds by pairing Lokalise’s technology with TOPPAN Digital Language’s language services, for effective international brand communications, delivered efficiently.

Hand-picked linguists

We’re not in the business of outsourcing work to just any linguist to work on your projects. We carefully hand-pick native, in-country linguist teams for each client to ensure consistency, familiarity with your brand and client confidentiality.

We’ll select the most talented linguists with deep expertise in your industry sector to maintain the quality and consistency of your translations across all your channels and markets.

Hand-picked linguists

Protect your brand

Localising your brand communications is a challenge that requires balance: you must maintain your unique tone of voice, understand the nuances of each language while getting the message across, use industry terms correctly and, of course, do so with correct grammar and spelling.

We bring together the ingredients to achieve this equilibrium: we coordinate teams of linguists with direct experience of the subject matter, using tools to give them a clear understanding of context, briefing them to get the tone of voice right, and managing online glossaries to ensure that industry and brand terminology is spot on.

Once we understand your brand deeply, we’ll adapt your communications to the languages, formats, limitations, and requirements of the marketing channels you’re using.

Tailored solutions

We offer a wide range of services to help stay within budget while still meeting your business objectives.

By combining services like specialist translation for technical content, transcreation for persuasive and creative copy, multilingual SEO to rank well on international search engines or post-edited machine translation for high-volume translations, for instance, you can ensure that every piece of content receives the right level of localisation – increasing the ROI of your localisation programme.

Tailored solutions
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