[CASE STUDY] – Can you keep up with a titan CRO and reduce translation costs by 20%?

(TLDR: Yes, we can)

Cirque du Data 

Managing big data can be a juggling act. 

And not the entertaining kind. 

When you’re at the forefront of healthcare data science,
there’s a wealth of content to manage across the entire clinical trial spectrum.
From R&D to regulatory communications, your content influences everyone from diligent lab researchers to patients at the sharp end of medical care. 

Multiply that by the number of languages involved,
and it’s clear:
there’s no room for error or oversight. 

That’s why one of the largest clinical research organizations came to us
to help them provide translations as part of their mix of end-to-end solutions for their clients.

Cirque du Data 

The triple threat 

We became an extension of their team focusing on
three key areas:
operations, strategy, and technology. 

We ensured that our work seamlessly integrated with their operations.
we provided a range of scalable solutions,
including translation and proofreading, machine translation
and post-editing, transcription, and localization

And you can’t have a long-term partnership without a strategic plan. 

So, we created a clear, multi-year implementation strategy that
would allow us to scale up and transition incumbent volumes.
customized technology strategy was deployed using Toppan STREAM,
our proprietary technology, which was instrumental in the efficiency and precision of our work.

The triple threat 

From Big Data Dilemma to Big Data Dominance 

In one year alone, we delivered more than 18.5 million words
across more than 5,500 projects as this titan CRO’s sole translation partner. 

But that’s not all. 

We reduced translation costs by 20% and introduced new services,
interpretation, transcription, voiceover and subtitling. 

From Big Data Dilemma to Big Data Dominance 
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