Meet the easiest language tech platform you’ll use for your business-critical content.

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Meet the easiest language tech platform you’ll use for your business-critical content.

Powering results for you by:

Drastically improving your time to market & increasing ROI through smart automation

Giving you visibility and transparency of the translation process

Using built-in end-to-end quality and security processes 



Turbocharge your multilingual content workflow like never before

Language tech platforms don’t have to be complicated. After finding the options on the market too clunky and inflexible, we poured 15+ years of innovation into building our own translation management system. What STREAM can do:

  • Smart content routing by configuration and automating workflows
  • Integrated, secure online editor and CAT tool
  • Integrated AI and other specialist tech (including file engineering automation and CMS connectors)

Next-level QA

Quality analysis & assurance

Quality management isn’t a buzzword – it’s at the heart of everything we do and a core aspect of our workflow.

That’s why we’ve equipped our project managers with QA technology. This helps monitor translators’ performance and highlights potential issues. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of off-brand terms to ensure the quality and consistency of the translated content.

Next-level QA
Information security

Information security

De-risk content sharing with teams and translators

We’ve built STREAM with security as our highest priority. Our robust security features meet the highest data protection standards. This includes a 128-bit encrypted, centralized system where your content is stored, translated, edited, and revised in one secure place.

We also adhere to industry-standard security protocols and compliance regulations. This includes ISO certifications, to ensure that our translation services are fast, secure, and accurate. Plus, our secure data center boasts strong ESG credentials, with market-leading energy efficiency, as well as using 100% renewable energy alongside an active carbon-offsetting program. We’ll give you peace of mind and confidence that your business-critical information is in good hands.

Real-time project tracking

Keep control of the translation process

STREAM’s client portal provides an all-in-one solution for managing your translation projects, ensuring that you have complete control over the process from start to finish. Through the client portal, you can:

  • Select content for translation, request and approve quotes
  • Check the availability of linguists
  • Allocate internal reviewers or even your own linguists, if needed
  • Keep track of quality during each stage of your project with automated quality assurance flags

Real-time project tracking
Custom reporting

Custom reporting

Track what you value

All your data is at your fingertips and available for download, allowing you to manipulate it in your favorite data visualization software so you can easily:

  • View spend by department / team / user
  • Splice data per season, product, or territory
  • Track volume and translation memory savings
  • Calculate translation spend and ROI per territory / language / session
  • Track all user activity (super-users only)
  • Check all annual orders, quotes, and translation requests
  • View your invoice history
  • Create reports with custom filters

Always guided by you

Our linguists as an extension of your brand

When you work with us, we co-create a brief that keeps your brand at the center of our work and your customers at the center of your communications.

Your brief is always accessible in STREAM and embedded into everything we do. It feeds glossaries, dictates QA reviews, and actively prompts the linguists to follow any restrictions you put in place. 

Always guided by you
Translation memory & glossary management

Translation memory & glossary management

Superior translation quality and consistency

Say goodbye to micromanaging tedious work and hello to streamlined, efficient translations.  

We use translation memory repositories (previously translated text) to help linguists work faster and more accurately. And when paired with glossary management, you can ensure consistency in terminology and tone of voice. 

Adaptive Neural Machine Translation

We help you cut costs, not corners

To save you time and money, we can create, train, and maintain a personalized Machine Translation engine that’s unique to your company.

We use a single, large neural network with a Machine Learning algorithm specific to your industry and train it with your existing content. This feedback loop produces more accurate translations over time.

By analyzing your existing Translation Memories, we can advise if Machine Translation is suitable for your needs.

Find out more

Adaptive Neural Machine Translation
CMS integrations

CMS integrations

End-to-end translations delivered directly to your CMS

We integrate with your CMS, eCommerce platform, or PIM via native plugins or our own REST API. STREAM will allow you to:

  • Send large volumes of content quickly and easily, helping you scale efficiently as you operate in more markets
  • Fully customizable workflows tailored to your needs, business functions, and language services
  • Filter and select content for translation, send content to your dedicated team of linguists, and receive the completed translations back at the click of a few buttons

Understand what we’ve built with our case studies.

We seek meaningful, long-term relationships with our clients in order to create truly transformative results.
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