Market research

in any language.

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Market research

in any language.

Professional Language Services for Market Research.

As the leading language solutions provider for market research firms, we help gather multilingual insights from global audiences without sacrificing the integrity of research results.

Translation services for qualitative and quantitative research

An experienced team for all stages of your market research studies.

Our team of market research-trained linguists and project managers is well-versed in your service needs regarding expected outcomes, time frames, and quick response times. With the use of technology-enabled services, we raise the bar for efficiency and precision.

Full-service agencies, as well as panel and data collection companies, turn to us for our full suite of specialized services:

  • Translation & Overlay of Web-enabled Surveys
  • Proofreading & Editing
  • QA of ‘Live & Test’ Survey Links
  • Coding (in-language) of Open-end Responses
  • Text Translation & Localization
  • Transcriptions & Content Analysis
  • Pharmacovigilance and Adverse Events Reporting

Translation services for qualitative and quantitative research
Translation, overlay & link check of online surveys

Translation, overlay & link check of online surveys

Improve efficiency and get accurate and culturally sensitive results from your multilingual surveys.

Our experience working with digital surveys and some of the most popular survey programs allow us to provide the most effective language solutions for your web surveys.

  • Translation & localization of web surveys and related XML files exported from programs such as Decipher/FocusVision, Qualtrix, and Confirmit.
  • Overlay of word questionnaires into XMLs or similar scripts & QA of “live test” survey links.

Opens / verbatim translation

We translate open-ended answers, or verbatims, to help researchers fully understand and accurately analyze or code their survey data.

As part of the service, we also share notes and clarifications from our team of translators to highlight and explain cultural references and items mentioned in open-ended answers/verbatims and identify invalid responses.

All of our linguists have a full understanding of market research and a proven track record in sectors such as Healthcare, Consumer & Retail, and Financial Services, allowing us to deliver fast and accurate results.

Opens / verbatim translation
In-language coding

In-language coding

Supporting researchers and end-clients to draw key findings from their research.

Our in-language coders use a shared English code frame to code directly from the local language, eliminating the need for data translation and allowing for quicker analysis. The shared code frames allow for real-time updates and simultaneous coding.

We code millions of in-language responses in over 25 markets while adhering to the quality guidelines set by ISO 20252.

  • Creation of the code frames
  • Bad ID check / DQ check (flagging of nonsensical or poor-quality responses for removal before coding)
  • Super fast multimarket brand coding (automated)
  • In-language coding of full open-ends
  • In-language coding and machine translation of full open-ends via Codeit
  • Reporting of Adverse Events in respondent data (healthcare)


Transcription, content analysis, interpreting & subtitling

Identify themes and trends across a wide range of respondents.

Improve your understanding of multicultural markets by identifying patterns, themes, and relationships within the data collected from sources such as surveys, interviews, focus groups, or social media platforms.

To help you analyze large amounts of qualitative data in a systematic and efficient manner, we offer:

  • Transcription of recorded focus groups, in-depth face-to-face or telephone interviews transcribed either into the participant’s language or directly into English in a single step.
  • Content Analysis in client-specific formats.
  • Live and/or “after the event” Interpreting for IDIs and FGs
  • Creation and translation of subtitles for interviews, videos, training materials, etc.

Transcription, content analysis, interpreting & subtitling
AE reporting

AE reporting

Maximize the accuracy of your adverse event reporting.

Improve patient safety, increase compliance, and get a better understanding of patient experiences with adverse event reporting in multiple languages.

When adverse event reporting is conducted in a patient’s native language, it can improve the accuracy and completeness of the data collected, reducing the risk of errors and misunderstandings.

We can provide a comprehensive reporting of adverse events service, both as a standalone option and integrated into our coding process.

Social listening

Understand what people say about your product, brand, or industry - as it happens.

Our trained Linguists and Projects Managers take part in all stages of Social Media Listening projects – from Search Term Translation to Reporting Writing.

  • Search Term Translation, including market-specific desktop research, into local languages
  • Data Cleaning of posts/discussions/mentions
  • Research & Analysis, including back-translation of relevant posts
  • Report & Summary of collected and analyzed data
  • Multimarket brainstorming sessions
  • Pharmacovigilance & AE Reporting throughout the process

Social listening
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Why our clients choose us: the 3Ts of TOPPAN.



  • We strive to attract and develop the best talent in the industry for first-class service to our customers
  • We are intentional in creating a respectful, diverse, and ambitious team
  • We hand-pick native-speaking expert linguists and always pay them fairly


  • We build our tech with trusted expert advice for your industry content needs
  • Our proprietary tech platform, Stream, is easy to use and easy to implement
  • We continuously innovate with the most appropriate tech through a long-term approach
Tailored to you

Tailored to you

  • We partner with your team through consultative engagement
  • We focus on addressing your specific pain points with bespoke solutions
  • We deliver first-class service with operational excellence – quality, security, and on-time delivery

Understand what we’ve built with our case studies.

We seek meaningful, long-term relationships with our clients in order to create truly transformative results.
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