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Market Research

Toppan Digital Language is the leader in Market Research translation & language services.

Toppan Digital Language was founded by a global researcher as the first specialist agency in providing high quality translation & language services for every step of the research process.

Market Research Translations 

Real Market Research Experience

Toppan Digital Language was built with Market Research in mind. Our teams of Market Research Translation Project Managers are MR savvy (having worked for Market Research companies themselves) and our linguists are Market Research trained. This profound understanding of the research process in a real-world context ensures we are best placed to tackle the unique linguistic and cultural challenges faced in global research projects. 

We understand first-hand the industry and its translation and language service requirements in terms of deliverables, turnaround, evolution, and speed of response. The fact that the company has grown primarily through referrals is a testament to our commitment to quality and the additional value we are able to provide to our clients.

" Your support for us is close to life-saving. In practical terms, this translates into the Toppan Digital Language team managing the logistics of our most comprehensive projects, especially when including non-European languages. "

Senior Project ManagerCello Health Insight

A Solution for Every Stage

Toppan Digital Language offers translation services for every stage of the research process for both qualitative and quantitative projects. Specific services include:

  • Translation & Overlay of Web-enabled Surveys - working with web‑enabled formats such as Confirmit XML exports, the Confirmit translation module, Qualtrics, Askia, SPSS, etc.
  • Proofreading & Editing - verifying/back-checking of locally‑completed translations in Confirmit and other relevant MR software formats (as mentioned above)
  • QA of ‘Live & Test’ Survey Links – checking of pre-launch questionnaires, including display format and start-to-finish cohesion
  • Translation of Open-end Responses – translation of open-ended survey responses/verbatims
  • Coding (in-language) of Open-end Responses – coding of open-ended survey responses directly in the response language or translated into English
  • Text Translation & Localisation – translation and localisation of screeners, questionnaires, discussion guides, brand or product concepts, research presentations, and a lot more
  • Transcriptions & Content Analysis – producing transcripts of recorded F2F or telephone in-depth interviews and focus groups in the target languages, or translated directly into English in one step. We offer Content Analysis in a multitude of languages in client‑specific formats
  • Interpreting - simultaneous, consecutive, whispering, F2F or telephone interpreting and interpreting equipment
  • Voice-over - recording/checking/editing of pre-recorded telephone interviews
  • Pharmacovigilance and Adverse Events Reporting – checking respondent data and ensuring that adverse events are reported to the Pharmacovigilance Department according to BHBIA compliance guidelines. For more information click here.
  • Desktop Publishing & Multimedia – for design formats, such as Flash, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Quark, etc.

Whatever your needs, and in whatever format, Toppan Digital Language can provide the solution. We work for full service agencies, as well as panel and data collection companies, on a daily basis.

Adding Value to Your Market Research

As a valued client, you will have a dedicated Account Manager who is attentive to your requirements and will ensure that all your needs are met and our commitments honoured.

Our team of experienced Market Research translation & language services Project Managers respond to quote requests within one hour and will provide you with our most competitive costs without compromising on quality. We offer the best service from quotation stage to delivery and we pride ourselves on achieving high client satisfaction and building long-term relationships.

Our in-house and in-country linguists are carefully selected and specialised in Market Research with sub-specialities in the area relevant to you. Whether you're conducting a survey about a new medical drug or running a brand tracker for a mobile phone brand - we'll have the right linguist to convey your message.

Outstanding Quality

As soon as we begin our partnership with you, we start building and maintaining a specific database of key questions and scales specific to your needs, so the same translations are used consistently across all the projects you commission to us. This ensures that the questions translated are also suitable for building norms or benchmarks, which can add further value to your research findings.

Go to our Quality Assurance page to find out more about our in-depth quality processes.

" Given the need for top quality and speed, we rely on Toppan Digital Language’s service and professionalism for our language needs. Their consultative approach and experience in our industry adds value to our daily operations. "

Managing Director, EMEADynata

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