[CASE STUDY] – How we reduced turnaround times by 20% for an American health insurance company

(with MORE volume and right before the Annual Enrollment Period) 

Under pressure

Clear communication is more than just words on a page. 

It’s a lifeline.  

The need for in-language payor communication continues to rise as the U.S. becomes more demographically diverse. 

Accessible communication not only reaches prospective members, it supports existing ones, ensuring an inclusive experience and access to critical services. 

Knowing this, a top 5 managed care provider came to us with a complex challenge: the unexpected addition of 5 new languages to their upcoming Annual Enrollment Period (AEP).  

Imagine tens of thousands of Medicare and Medicaid materials waiting to be translated, all while the persistent hands of the regulatory deadline clock keep ticking. 

Need more pressure? 

Their regular multilingual member communications, a staggering 10,000 monthly, required HIPAA-compliant translation spread across 30 languages.  

As an existing partner, they turned to us to support both high-volume programs simultaneously while supporting new languages and meeting critical – and immovable – regulatory deadlines. 

Under pressure

Precision at Play

Recognizing every challenge calls for a unique solution, we developed a strategy tailored to their need for efficiency.  


Talent, timing, and tech. 

At the core of our response is our vast linguist network. We aligned best-fit linguist teams to tackle the unanticipated increase in AEP languages. 

Given the specificity of the materials, which often require onshore processing, we utilized U.S.-based linguist teams working against a carefully scheduled 24/7 continuous delivery cycle. This ensured that translations were not only delivered on time but at the right time. 

But what about the large volumes? 

We created a secure integration to their proprietary content platform to automate the submission and delivery process for translation.  

Precision at Play

Where speed meets quality

Our approach yielded transformative results. The automated submission and delivery process alone reduced the end-to-end workflow by 15%. This integration remained in place after the Annual Enrollment Period, positioning us to support any expected increase in multilingual member communication volumes in the future. 

Despite a nearly 500% increase in volume and a large concurrent translation program, we delivered AEP materials 20% faster than in previous years. 

But speed without precision is reckless. 

Quality remains our north star, and we were committed to maintaining it despite additional volume and timeline pressures. The result was a service with 0 quality complaints, CAPAs or ERRATAs. 

Where speed meets quality
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