Translation of Multi-Language NPS Tracker

The numbers lab @ Firefish – Translation and link-check of fashion retail questionnaire for 36 markets.


The numbers lab is the leading quantitative research team for London-based strategic consultancy, Firefish. Their client is a global fashion retailer that required consumer insights from 36 different markets. TOPPAN Digital Language was tasked with translating the questionnaire for each of these markets to be delivered on a rolling basis, followed by thorough link checks to validate the online overlay of the translations.


Due to the large number of markets involved in this study, TOPPAN Digital Language’s Vendor Management team and Project Management team worked very closely together to ensure the survey translations were delivered according to their aggressive timeline. A team of experienced linguists was assembled covering the 36 markets, including several less common languages such as Vietnamese, Kazakh, Tagalog and Azerbaijani. Frequent communication between the teams was necessary throughout the process as well as regular liaison between TOPPAN Digital Language and the client. The client was kept up-to-date at every stage of the translation process and thorough feedback was also provided following every survey link check. Given the large volume of files for translation, it was important for TDL to be flexible. A number of adjustments in the links were made along the way and two additional waves of translations were received which required further coordination of a team of 50 dedicated and specialist linguists.

The Results

The client received the deliverables on time thanks to the experience of the Project Management team in dealing with large-scale tracker projects. With over thirteen years of industry experience and a wealth of country-specific knowledge, TOPPAN Digital Language was also able to advise on the languages needed for each market, providing an extensive list of these for the benefit of the client.

” We have worked with TOPPAN Digital Language for a number of years and have always been impressed with their proactive project management. With their ongoing support and guidance, the project ran as smoothly as possible and we were very satisfied with the outcome. ”


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