[CASE STUDY] – How We Improved Time to Market for a Salesforce Commerce Cloud Retailer

(with a SINGLE tech solution)

The content bottleneck

Luxury and style have a language all of their own. And timing?

Well, it’s everything.

When a house of luxury brands moved from a cumbersome proxy-based platform to Salesforce Commerce Cloud to manage their content, they encountered a problem with Page Designer.

They benefited from its rich content design, handy drag-and-drop functionality, and dynamic content rotation.

But in multiple languages? That’s when things become challenging.

It’s tricky to coordinate the timing of translations when campaigns are scheduled for launch. And, when they had to translate content published in Page Designer, it involved a tedious manual import/export process with no scheduling support.

This added even more friction to launching multilingual campaigns for different markets.

As a longstanding client and with no ready-made, off-the-shelf solution on the market, they needed our help.

The content bottleneck

Pulling the plug

Our in-house digital solutions team has built a reputation for tackling complex challenges and has longstanding partnerships with leading eCommerce platforms.

So, we sprang into action.

We tinkered, finessed, and ultimately crafted a solution that seamlessly integrated into our current Salesforce Commerce Cloud Cartridge.

Now, they can:

  • Select content within Page Designer for translation directly from the Commerce Cloud Business Manager.
  • Send selected content for translation via our Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge, cutting out cumbersome manual steps.
  • Easily mark Page Designer components as “ready to translate” when scheduling campaigns.

Campaigns can also be translated and scheduled ahead of time with fully automated translations for multilingual content.

Adios import/export.

We even overhauled the dashboard for scalable project tracking, ensuring progress is always in sight. Plus, groups of Page Designer components can now be selected for translation, making batch processing a breeze.

Pulling the plug

A Clear Content Pipeline

Matched with our advanced Translation Memory technology, they significantly reduced translation costs and improved time to market for their international campaigns.

It’s a testament to years of partnership and mutual trust. From our initial collaboration to this transformative solution, our journey together encapsulates what trust can achieve.

Plus, we’re now the sole agency providing an integration for selecting Page Designer content for translation directly within Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

A Clear Content Pipeline

Even Salesforce gave us a noteworthy nod, mentioning how our updated Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge eliminates manual processes and kicks workflow efficiency up a notch.

And the best part?

We made this solution available for any retailer using Salesforce Commerce Cloud. This was too good a solution not to share.

You can now download our newly updated Salesforce Commerce Cloud Cartridge.

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