Transcription is often an essential part of research studies and TOPPAN Digital Language has a proud history of providing transcription services focused on quality and fast turnarounds.

Unique one-step approach

At TOPPAN Digital Language we offer a unique one-step approach whereby our linguists listen to the source language audio and transcribe directly into English. This method has great advantages over the alternative two-step “transcription plus translation” approach favoured by most of our competitors, which is not only significantly more time-consuming than our one-step approach, but also much more expensive for you, the client. So why pay five times more and wait five times longer for your transcription to be ready when you can get it done by TOPPAN Digital Language in a fraction of the time and at a much lower cost?

We also cover monolingual transcription in all of the main languages and most of the less common ones too.

Quality in all areas

Our transcriptions are carried out by our rigorously selected in-country and local linguists, with each transcriber specialising in one or two market sectors. Each transcription includes checks by a second linguist as well as additional quality checks conducted by the team before delivery.

TOPPAN Digital Language’s reputation for transcription quality has been built since the early days of the company through a combination of consistent delivery, service excellence and a consultative approach that continues to drive our success and the success of our clients.

De-identification of interview audios

In an age when confidentiality and privacy are ever more important, another service we provide is de-identifying participants in market research interview recordings. Also known as data‑anonymization, this is a process whereby we mask the voices on the recordings so that the specific information or topic being discussed in the interviews cannot be linked directly to the identities of the participants.

Por qué nos eligen nuestros clientes:



  • Nos esforzamos por atraer y potenciar a los mejores talentos del sector para ofrecer un servicio de gran calidad a nuestros clientes.
  • Tenemos la intención de crear un equipo respetuoso, diverso y ambicioso.
  • Seleccionamos cuidadosamente a lingüistas nativos expertos y siempre ofrecemos una retribución justa.


  • Creamos nuestra tecnología con el asesoramiento de expertos de confianza para cubrir las necesidades de contenido de todos los sectores con los que trabajamos.
  • Nuestra plataforma tecnológica patentada, STREAM, es fácil de usar y de implementar.
  • Innovamos continuamente con la tecnología más adecuada, adoptando un enfoque a largo plazo.
Tratamos tus necesidades específicas

Tratamos tus necesidades específicas

  • Nos asociamos con tu equipo a lo largo de todo el proceso consultivo.
  • Nos centramos en abordar tus puntos débiles específicos tratándolos con soluciones específicas a tus necesidades.
  • Prestamos un servicio de primera clase y ofrecemos excelencia operativa basada en la calidad, la seguridad y en la entrega en plazo continua de nuestros encargos.
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