Coding of 25 Market Tracker

Hall & Partners – Coding of a 25 market monthly quantitative tracker with 30,000 verbatim.


Hall & Partners, part of the Omnicom Group, is a global brand consulting agency specialising in brand engagement and communications research for both consumer and healthcare. Their clients include some of the world’s biggest and best-known brands. Hall & Partners approached TOPPAN Digital Languagetheir key language services provider, to code a 25 market quantitative tracker for one of their main clients.


For each wave, 30,000 verbatim need to be coded on a monthly basis. The data has to be coded accurately, while also encompassing Hall & Partners’ rich diagnostics approach which blends attitudinal information with behavioural data. The challenge here was to consistently apply the approach across 25 markets, while balancing differences in cultural understanding, and to deliver at record timings so that Hall & Partners could extract real meaning from their data with the highest level of accuracy and meet their client’s deadlines.

The Results

TOPPAN Digital Language embraces the challenge and delicacy of the task, using our deep cultural insight to provide culturally reflective and relevant data supporting Hall & Partners in their insights development.  TOPPAN Digital Language continues to deliver accurately and on time month after month.

 » We love TOPPAN Digital Language’s consultative approach. They consistently deliver high-quality translations and coding work and we are very happy to consider them a trusted partner.  »


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