Which languages do you cover?
At the time of writing, we cover over 6000 language pairs.

How quickly can I have the translation…and can you do it even faster?
One translator can translate around 2000 words per day as a rough rule of thumb. If you need your text to be translated urgently then please speak to a member of our Project Management team who will advise you whether a faster turnaround is possible. This often involves splitting the document between translators, then having it proofread and reviewed by one editor to reduce inconsistencies.

I’ve heard you’ve got a fantastic online system ? is the translation done using this?
Our online system is for document control and workflow management – it helps with security and enables both us and our clients to keep track of the thousands of documents and versions that we handle every day. Your translations will be carried out by professionally? qualified human translators.

Which payment methods do you accept?
For individuals buying translations we accept cash, cheque, bank transfer, or debit/credit cards. Companies can run accounts with us.

If I pay a per word rate does that mean I get word for word translations?
No. We charge per source word because it is simple, transparent and the industry standard. We provide translations that are culturally and technically appropriate.

How are projects priced?
The following characteristics are all taken into account when pricing translation projects:

  • Languages to be translated
  • Number of words/characters in the source document
  • Level of proofreading required
  • Deadline
  • Format of the finished document
  • Subject complexity

Will the quote I get from your website be the final price I pay?
Almost always. If there is any reason that the pricing would change we will tell you immediately.

Will my documents remain confidential?
Yes. Read more about our commitment to confidentiality here.

Who will translate my specialized text?
Our translators have a minimum of 3 years experience and experience within their specific field. They have professional training and experience within a wide range of industries. Translators are allocated work based on specific experience.

Will you be able to make amendments to a source text once I’ve asked you go ahead with its translation?
Yes, we can make amendments once translation has begun. However, depending on how far the translation has progressed, and whether you have added more text, a surcharge might be applicable, and the turnaround time may be affected.

Do you offer overnight or weekend services?
Yes, we do. Please liaise with a Project Manager directly to book this service. An express surcharge may be applicable.

Can you certify my translated document?
Yes, we can certify some translations ourselves, and we work with notaries, courts or Solicitors where required. Call us for more information.

Have you been audited for quality?
Yes, we hold the ISO 17100 certification. The ISO 17100 translation?services standard went into effect on August 1 2006, replacing the previous standards of the 30 individual CEN member countries. The standard unifies the terminology used in the translation field, defines basic requirements for language?service providers (human and technical resources, quality control, and project management) and creates a framework for the interaction of customers and service providers in terms of their rights and obligations. It also defines certain services, in addition to translation, that may be offered by language?service providers. ISO 17100 has a strong focus on administrative, documentation, review and revision processes, as well as on the functions of different specialists who guide the translation project over its duration.

What is the difference between translation and interpretation?
Translation is for written communication and interpretation is for verbal communication. Translators usually work remotely whereas interpreters usually work on?site or over the telephone.

Who are your clients?
Have a look here.

I have a really large text that I need translated asap ? can you help?
Yes, we can. If necessary we can turnaround very high volumes in very little time. Speak to one of our Project Managers directly to find out if we can meet your deadline.

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