TOPPAN Digital Language Updates Language Cartridge for Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s Page Designer

TOPPAN Digital Language Updates Language Cartridge for Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s Page Designer

The update to TOPPAN Digital Language’s Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge allows marketers to seamlessly translate content on Page Designer, streamlining the translation process and enhancing content management efficiency across the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform.

Recognizing the challenge posed to marketers by disjointed translation workflows and excessive content roundtrips, TOPPAN Digital Language upgraded its cartridge to become the first Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration to handle the translation of Page Designer content.

This new functionality allows for more flexibility when launching multilingual eCommerce campaigns.

Through the updated cartridge, users can now select text from Page Designer and send it directly to TOPPAN Digital Language for swift and accurate translation. Once translated, users can conveniently retrieve and reinsert content back into Page Designer in a few clicks.

This means marketing teams using Page Designer can receive fast, accurate translations, eliminate the need for cumbersome content roundtrips between different platforms, and focus on creating compelling, multilingual content.

The new features also allow for Page Designer content that is scheduled to be published at a future date to be flagged for translation once those assets are ready to be translated. This allows you to schedule your Page Designer components in Salesforce Commerce Cloud and ensures that your new campaigns, products, or promotions are ready to go live in every market simultaneously.

The TOPPAN Digital Language Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge is not a new player in this space. As a LINK Technology Partner, certified since 2015, TOPPAN Digital Language has continuously improved the cartridge in response to customer feedback and the latest eCommerce trends.

The latest version of the cartridge is the most advanced localization integration available for Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Key features include:

  • Source language flexibility
  • Improved search functionality
  • Faster content retrieval
  • Manage larger batches
  • Supports product categories
  • Enhanced multi-site capabilities

The TOPPAN Digital Language Localization Cartridge is available to install now in the Salesforce AppExchange.

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