File Formats

Whatever your file formats, we have the tools & knowledge to translate it

Whatever the file format to be translated, there are real cost and time advantages to working with people who can expertly handle your files.

File Formats we translate:

  • All Microsoft Office file formats: DOC/DOCX, XLS/XLS, PPT/PPTX, etc.)
  • PDFs
  • HTML
  • XML
  • SGML
  • CSV
  • Java Properties files
  • InDesign (IND)
  • Illustrator(AI, EPS)
  • FrameMaker (FM, MIF)
  • Quark Express files (QXD)
  • Image file formats including scanned PDF, TIFF, JPG
  • .PO
  • .RESX


Whether you are producing lots of online content or applications, brochures for print, or want to have a PDF contract translated, we can help.

Our translation management technology allows us to translate all major file formats with great efficiency. From our clients’ perspective that means an easy process, delivering and receiving in their preferred file format without the need for conversion or preparation.

Call us today or request a live demonstration of how we deal with complex file formats.


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