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About Us

Hello, we’re Toppan Digital Language. We are a customer-first tech-enabled language solutions provider for global companies with high-risk, business-critical content.

We are the trusted partner to some of the world's biggest names in sectors such as life sciences and healthcare, market research, financial and legal services—empowering them to sell and operate with confidence in any language.

Through our incredible specialist teams, leading-edge technologies and global infrastructure, we design language solutions that meet our customers’ needs at speed, at scale—securely. We are proud to be part of Toppan Inc., a world leader in content distribution with a global team of 50,000 employees.

What we offer

We provide a complete portfolio of highly integrated turnkey and tailored translation, linguistic, transcreation content services and tech-enabled solutions.

We always include our consultative know-how (cultural, regulatory, technology, content supply chain) with dedicated teams to ensure we meet your specific requirements.

Your partner with a global reach and a local touch.

With more than 150 of us in our in-house translation teams, along with 90+ in our project management teams, we: 

  1. Partner with your team through consultative engagement and ongoing feedback
  2. Deliver first-class service through continuous collaboration, transparency, and openness
  3. Embed steady innovation through a long-term, needs-based approach using the latest and most appropriate technologies
  4. Provide trusted expert advice and thought leadership on content solutions specific for your industry and content types
  5. Foster a culture of operational excellence with a focus on quality, subject matter expertise, security, and on-time delivery
  6. Purposefully create a respectful, diverse, and inclusive culture

Your benefits

We give you a competitive edge through:

  • Trusted, consistent, and accurate quality created by specialist translators and subject matter experts to resonate with your audience
  • Faster time to market through specialized solution workflows designed for your industry and content needs
  • Compliance across all local markets by meeting complex regulatory and audit requirements related to content, IT architecture security, linguist accreditation programs, and confidential data management
  • Cost-effective management of project budgets with full transparency on tech-enabled savings
  • Peace of mind promise in working with your dedicated customer success team – we pride ourselves in valuing your time

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