How MSN receives fast turnarounds on human-quality translations with less human interaction

Integrating Client Technology to Automate the Translation Process

MSN worked with us to publish their celebrity news column into twelve foreign language markets by 9am each day.


  • MSN celebrity news translated into 12 languages
  • 1800 words/day, six days/week
  • Overnight delivery to make target market high traffic deadline
  • Team of 100+ native translators and editors
  • Integrates with online review tools and client’s system for quick turnaround


  • Large number of linguists to be recruited to fulfil daily deadlines within each of MSN’s target markets
  • Rapid turnaround often requiring overnight processing to make target market high traffic deadlines
  • Providing additional context to linguists by providing access to images within the online editor


Our STREAM API has been tailored for MSN. By connecting our technologies to automate the process of sourcing to 100+ pre-qualified linguists and editors around the globe, we are able to provide around-the- clock translation to meet key distribution times within each market, often turning projects around in just a few hours.

Our translation management system, STREAM, looks at a target location where content is published online daily and automatically imports that content for translation. Upon completion, content is then published back to a monitored feed which their system uses to populate their local language sites.

As an added feature, we use the XML provided to find the image related to the content being translated, and then renders that image inside the Online Translation Editor tools where the linguists work to provide additional context.


MSN was provided with a seamless system to provide each market’s MSN International team with a bank of well- translated celebrity news articles from Western Europe and United States at the start of each day.
By providing the images to our linguists for improved context, we are able to identify mistakes in source documents (e.g., a different celebrity in the image versus the text), and inform our clients prior to the content being published.


“You helped us to deliver a solution for localising the latest publish- ready entertainment content to over 20 markets in 15 languages. Since then, you have helped us deliver content across MSN worldwide which is consumed by millions of our readers on a daily basis. Supporting us with an overnight integrated solution, your technical experience combined with language expertise and passion for quality makes you a great partner for anyone looking to translate ready to publish content internationally.” – Mike Lok, Microsoft

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