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The fashion industry is one of the world’s most profitable and is an extremely important contributor to the global economy. Fashion is also one of the industries most reliant on exports to increase revenues and profits. Globalisation has increased competition for online fashion retailers but has also provided them with a huge opportunity to grow their website traffic and online sales.

As of 2020, the B2C eCommerce market is worth a whopping 222.5 billion according to a report by RetailX. It’s thought that British brands perform better across all sectors, however, luxury goods, fashion and footwear brands perform strongly against domestic competition overseas due to the following reasons:

  • Better choice: e.g. UK beauty specialists, on average offer twice as big a range as their Scandinavian competitors.
  • Advantaged pricing: The pricing regime in the UK is relatively competitive, and further supported by the pound’s depreciation compared to local currencies, especially in Australia and Scandinavia.
  • Compelling site and service experience: Free, fast and trustworthy delivery is the norm for British retailers shipping internationally.

If fashion retailers want to succeed internationally, they need to ensure that their websites are localised.  Recent reports suggest that website localisation can increase conversion by an average of 70%. Not only will localised content increase traffic volumes as a result of improved search engine optimisation, but a localised offering will also help increase engagement and conversion for overseas customers.

Why work with TOPPAN Digital Language?

We are a fast-growing and award-winning translations agency. Our global team has a vibrant culture, and a can-do attitude. We consider ourselves the go-to agency for retail eCommerce website translation services. We employ a fashion-conscious project team with a successful track record in managing translation projects for fashion eCommerce brands.

We have invested heavily in online workflow technology which means that we are several steps ahead of other translation agencies of a similar size. We can integrate seamlessly with most eCommerce content management systems and stay ahead of the game by observing and understanding the trends in retail and luxury eCommerce marketing.

As well as translation, we provide transcreation and creative copywriting services to ensure you’re your brand’s tone of voice is communicated effectively and that your content is written in a style that will engage your target audience.

Client benefits

We create and translate sites for international eCommerce brands using local language so that fashion retailers can benefit from:

  • A distinctive and individual tone-of-voice across different cultures
  • A consistent and quality product offering across different markets

We have teams of specialists with expert skills in the language of fast-growing sectors such as fashion, luxury, menswear, children’s, knitwear, lingerie, outdoor, footwear, jewellery, cosmetics, gifts and gadgets. We employ creative translators who work with fashion brands to translate creative headlines for international blogs, marketing email campaigns and landing pages.

Our STREAM workflow system is recognised as one of the most advanced in the industry. It integrates with many different eCommerce and CRM systems (Demandware, Hybris, IBM, Magento etc) so brands can send and receive pre-formatted text effortlessly.

Our team will work with you to develop your brand’s unique tone-of-voice using a tried and tested onboarding process, so you can build and test your online tone-of-voice to maximise search engine exposure and improve user experience.

Localisation is all part of our process. We have established procedures and smart processes for the best ways to approach localisation for currency, delivery, sizing and SEO that will help your business achieve economies of scale.

Don’t forget that you’ll need 24/7 multilingual online customer service chat and email in local languages – we can handle that too.

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