Secure Translation Management

Our translation management software, STREAM, ensures that your sensitive documents are secure when working with international teams of translators.

The backwards and forwards electronic transfer of documents is sometimes cumbersome and often results in a less efficient, more costly translation. More importantly, for legal and financial companies, or defense contractors, who handle sensitive information on a regular basis, the process is a security risk.

We have worked together with our clients from sectors that require secure translation services to develop a service to ensure that all our translation work is now handled securely. We’re able to handle your documents in any format, without it being necessary to email, upload and download, or perform any other type of non-secure information transmission.

Furthermore, our translation memory systems are integrated into the tool and also use the latest encryption technologies. This ensures that you can still take advantage of translation memory discounts, while keeping your previously translated content secure.

We are committed to confidentiality, and all our translators are bound by very rigid terms and conditions, which we can provide you with upon request. In some cases, our clients require that we, and our translators, sign their own NDAs, and we are happy to oblige. By combining legal terms and conditions and NDAs with our secure translation software and network encryption, you can rest assured in the knowledge that your content is safe.

Traditional email process

The screenshots below show the traditional process of emailing documents for translation. The numbers next to the documents represent the number of existing copies.

Traditional Email Translation Process

When you factor in the translated copies of documents, the information suddenly exists in even more locations, on hard drives, USB sticks and unsecure mailboxes around the world.

Traditional Process showing number of copies with Translations

Secure translation software

With STREAM, documents are securely uploaded and translators must login to a secure browser-based environment in order to view the documents and translate the text. These translators are unable to download documents, or to copy and paste any content from the system into other documents, eliminating remote copies of your files being created.

Secure Translation Tool

Below is a screenshot of the translator’s view of the document. In this case, the source document is a locked PDF, making the source material even more secure.

Secure Translation Tool Screenshot

The tool works with a wide variety of source formats, and we can apply different levels of security, depending on your requirements.

CMS integration

On top of the secure document management provided by STREAM, the system has a fully functioning API. This allows you to integrate the translation management process directly into your content management system. You can send content for translation at a click on a button directly from your own CMS control panel. Our developers are experienced in working with range of content management systems, including Sitecore, Demandware, Magento, WordPress and Drupal, and can work directly with your developers to integrate your systems with STREAM.

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