Secure Translation Management

Our Secure Translation Tool mitigates risk when collaborating with teams of translators

The electronic transfer of documents backwards and forwards is sometimes cumbersome and can be a security risk.

We have developed a Secure Translation Tool that houses sensitive documents in a highly secure online translation environment, eliminating downloads. In addition to the security benefits, this centralises the control of Translation Memory within our STREAM Translation System.

We are committed to confidentiality and all our translators are bound by Terms and Conditions, which we can provide upon request. In some cases our clients wish to have their own NDAs in place with the translation teams. The use of the Secure Translation Tool, the specific NDAs, and our encrypted email solution provides a fully secure service.

Traditional Email Process

The screenshots below show the traditional process of emailing documents for translation. The numbers next to the documents represent the number of copies that exist.

Traditional Email Translation Process

When you factor in the translated copies of the documents, the information suddenly exists in a far larger number of locations, on hard drives potentially all around the world.

Traditional Process showing number of copies with Translations

Secure Translation Tool

This is what we propose. The document is uploaded to our secure tool and translators must login to a secure browser-based environment to translate the text. There is no download or file transfer, eliminating all the remote copies.

Secure Translation Tool

Below is a screenshot of the translator’s view of the document. In this case the source document is a locked PDF, making the source material even more secure.

Secure Translation Tool Screenshot

The tool works with a wide variety of source formats and we can apply differing levels of security, depending on your requirements.

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