When you need an accurate translation carried out in real time, only a specialist interpreter will do. Toppan Digital Language has large pool of experienced in-country interpreters to cover a wide range of events and subject areas.

Face-to-face or over the phone

We provide both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services either face-to-face or over the phone. Whatever your event or requirements, and no matter where it is, we can provide you with an experienced and specialized interpreter to ensure that your message gets across.

All you need is a venue for the interpreting and we will do the rest.

Need equipment? No problem! Just let us know the details of your set-up and our team will advise on what equipment you will need to ensure that the interpreting is a success on the day. Want interpreting done over the phone? Sure, just tell us when you need us and we will be there.

We also provide Asynchronous Audio Translation as an alternative to transcribing interviews. Just send us the audio file and we’ll interpret it for you!

The right interpreter

Our interpreters are all tested and specialized in a one or two main fields. Whether you need a consecutive interpreter for a meeting or focus group in London, a simultaneous interpreter for a conference in Macau, or a simultaneous interpreter for Market Research interviews over the phone, we have a large network of experienced interpreters to call upon to ensure that the right interpreter is allocated to you.

Toppan Digital Language places a strong emphasis on providing high quality interpreting services as part of our linguistic offering, and we have a reputation for adding genuine value to our clients’ projects and for making them look good!

Our services

Translation & localizationMarket research translation & localisation

Accurate, secure translation and localization of your content from and into any file type, across a wide spectrum of specialist sectors. Always carried out by professional specialist linguists using ISO-certified processes.

Transcreation & copywritingCreative translation for market research

With our transcreation and copywriting services, we can adapt your translations to ensure that your brand message is conveyed without the loss of style, tone or context regardless of the country, region, language or audience you're targeting

Proofreading & editingProofreading and QA

If you’re struggling with time and resources when proofreading and editing you’re content, we’re the perfect language partner. We provide thorough and meticulous proofreading and editing services to ensure your documents are always market-ready.

TranscriptionOne-step audio transcription

Monolingual or multilingual transcription of your audio and audiovisual market research content into English using our unique one-step approach that saves you both time and money.

Opens / verbatim translationMultilingual survey data translation

Unlock vital information from your survey data and get the right response from your audience with expert opens translation services to fit any situation from our experienced team of translators.

Why our clients choose us: the 3Ts of Toppan.



  • We strive to attract and develop the best talent in the industry for first-class service to our customers
  • We are intentional in creating a respectful, diverse, and ambitious team
  • We hand-pick native-speaking expert linguists and always pay them fairly


  • We build our tech with trusted expert advice for your industry content needs
  • Our proprietary tech platform, Stream, is easy to use and easy to implement
  • We continuously innovate with the most appropriate tech through a long-term approach
Tailored to you

Tailored to you

  • We partner with your team through consultative engagement
  • We focus on addressing your specific pain points with bespoke solutions
  • We deliver first-class service with operational excellence – quality, security, and on-time delivery