Cultural consultancy

We can advise you on how to best communicate with your target audience in different markets.

Some of the biggest, most well-respected brands in their respective markets have struggled to successfully expand internationally due to their failure to understand the local culture and adapt their communications to engage their target audience.

To increase the likelihood of success in international markets, we offer a range of cultural consultancy services which we adapt to suit the needs of each client and the preferences of local audiences.

Although every client project is unique and requires a different approach, our cultural consultancy services often involve conducting cultural sensitivity analysis on the campaign imagery and messaging in relation to the target market to ensure that they are appropriate for adaptation into the local language.

We also check for any potential issues with the inappropriate use of slang, around gender roles or stereotyping as well as racial, political or sexual content that may cause offence locally.

Aside from avoiding issues – we also provide advice to brands in their use of local slang, choice of models and clothing and even choosing the right fonts and colors that are most likely to initiate the appropriate emotional response in order to convey positive brand values in the minds of local consumers.

Our services

Transcreation Creative translation service

We can adapt the translations of your product descriptions and editorial to ensure that your brand message is conveyed without the loss of style, tone or context regardless of the country, region or language you're targeting.

Product descriptionsLocalized product descriptions

We have developed a variety of online tools and eCommerce platform integrations that allow you to translate one product description or an entire product catalogue into over 250 languages at the click of a button.

Website localisationLocalisation & CMS integration

We provide an API and out-of-the-box integration capabilities for all of the most popular eCommerce platforms – increasing efficiency and reducing the time and cost of your website localisation project.

Cultural consultancyBrand and cultural sensitivity checking

To increase the chances of success in international markets, we offer a range of cultural consultancy services which we adapt to suit your specific needs and the preferences of the audience you intend to target.

Why our clients choose us: the 3Ts of TOPPAN.



  • We strive to attract and develop the best talent in the industry for first-class service to our customers
  • We are intentional in creating a respectful, diverse, and ambitious team
  • We hand-pick native-speaking expert linguists and always pay them fairly


  • We build our tech with trusted expert advice for your industry content needs
  • Our proprietary tech platform, Stream, is easy to use and easy to implement
  • We continuously innovate with the most appropriate tech through a long-term approach
Tailored to you

Tailored to you

  • We partner with your team through consultative engagement
  • We focus on addressing your specific pain points with bespoke solutions
  • We deliver first-class service with operational excellence – quality, security, and on-time delivery
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