In order for your business to succeed in overseas markets, you need to ensure that you’re using the right language, tone of voice and that your content is written in a style that will engage your target audience.

Understanding the cultural nuances of the target region and adapting your message to your target audience is crucial. When brands break into new territories overseas, it’s important that their marketing and advertising messages are adapted to the target market while at the same time maintaining their intent, style, tone and context. This is what is known in the translation industry as transcreation.

Creative translation services – what are the benefits?

Brands that ignore transcreation do so at great risk. There are several examples of companies that tried to reach new audiences in new countries, but who failed at the first hurdle due to poorly translated marketing messages. In most cases, the main issue was that the messages were literally translated, rather than being transcreated.

Creative copywriting

Often projects that require transcreation will need content to be written from scratch with the target audience in mind. We provide creative copywriting for our clients who want to create unique multi-lingual brand experiences for their target audiences. Each of our creative copywriters is a professional translator. They each write in their native language, and each has obtained a  Masters degree in a translation-related discipline. This ensures that your copy is well written, regardless of the target language or audience.

The transcreation process

The process of taking a message in one language and conveying it in another, without the loss of style, tone or context is a complex one but one that our team has plenty of experience in. We ensure that we collect as much information as possible before embarking on your transcreation project so that we can perfect the preferred tone of voice, register and style before committing any resources to crafting your marketing copy. We have a dedicated team of transcreators who you can liaise with to discuss your requirements on an ongoing basis – ensuring that every client receives the highest quality transcreated content, regardless of the target region or audience.

Try out our expert transcreation service

Our dedicated transcreation team will help you through the process of identifying your key messages and target audiences, and will even help develop appropriate taglines for your brand that will be well received internationally.

We’ve helped hundreds of clients with their transcreation requirements, and have provided transcreation services for some of the world’s largest advertising agencies and Fortune 500 companies.

Contact us today. Our friendly team will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our transcreation services, or any other of our fields.

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