In-language coding

Our experienced team of in-language coders pride themselves on supporting researchers and end-clients to draw key findings from their research.

We will work with you on a consultative basis at each and every step. As your partners in coding, we will add value by recommending and discussing the optimum approach. All our coders have a full understanding of market research and a proven track record in sectors such as Healthcare, Consumer & Retail and Financial Services, which allow us to deliver super fast, accurate results.

Our endeavour: To code to your brief and to your way of thinking in the most effective way possible.

Our Services:

  • Creation of the codeframes
  • Bad ID check / DQ check (flagging of nonsensical or poor-quality responses for removal before coding)
  • Super fast multimarket brand coding (automated)
  • In-language coding of full open-ends
  • Intelligent Translation of full open-end responses
  • In-language coding and machine translation of full open-ends via Codeit
  • Reporting of Adverse Events in respondent data (healthcare)

Our in-language coders code directly from the local language using a shared English codeframe for both trackers and adhoc studies, removing the need to translate the data into English first and allowing you to get a head-start on your analysis. Shared codeframes allow the coders to work simultaneously whilst staying up-to-date on real-time changes at any stage of the coding process.

Our coders are fluent in English as well as in the language of the target market, so they are able to capture nuances and subtleties for increased coding accuracy.

Our Quality Guarantee

Coding millions of in-language responses in over 25 markets is a testament to our high quality standards which meet the guidelines set by ISO 20252. All of our deliverables are checked by a second experienced coder and go through rigorous checks via our in-house Quality Assurance team to include the following:

  • Accuracy of coding
  • Completeness of coding
  • Consistency of coding across markets
  • Detailed threshold check for codes

Por qué nos eligen nuestros clientes:



  • Nos esforzamos por atraer y potenciar a los mejores talentos del sector para ofrecer un servicio de gran calidad a nuestros clientes.
  • Tenemos la intención de crear un equipo respetuoso, diverso y ambicioso.
  • Seleccionamos cuidadosamente a lingüistas nativos expertos y siempre ofrecemos una retribución justa.


  • Creamos nuestra tecnología con el asesoramiento de expertos de confianza para cubrir las necesidades de contenido de todos los sectores con los que trabajamos.
  • Nuestra plataforma tecnológica patentada, STREAM, es fácil de usar y de implementar.
  • Innovamos continuamente con la tecnología más adecuada, adoptando un enfoque a largo plazo.
Tratamos tus necesidades específicas

Tratamos tus necesidades específicas

  • Nos asociamos con tu equipo a lo largo de todo el proceso consultivo.
  • Nos centramos en abordar tus puntos débiles específicos tratándolos con soluciones específicas a tus necesidades.
  • Prestamos un servicio de primera clase y ofrecemos excelencia operativa basada en la calidad, la seguridad y en la entrega en plazo continua de nuestros encargos.
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