Machine Translation Service

Get access to the knowledge and expertise in machine translation to help transform your localization operations.

We offer the technical and linguistic expertise to help you integrate with Google Translate, Microsoft Translator and Amazon Translate or even build custom machine translation engines using a range of APIs and TranslateMedia’s own Adaptive Neural Machine Translation.

Benefits of Machine Translation


SpeedQuicker turnaround times &
faster time to market


ScalabilityEasily handle huge growth
in volumes of content


CostCost-effective for large batches
of similar content

Why Choose Us?

Machine translation engines have different capabilities and delivery varying outputs in terms of quality. We can offer you independent advice on the best options for your content in any language pair to ensure you get the best results from your machine translation projects.

How We Work

We place the linguist at the centre of our approach to machine translation to increase quality and provide them with adaptive neural machine translation to aid their productivity.

How to get started

Machine translation quality is determined by three key factors:

  • Size of available training data with which to train the custom NMT models
  • Language distance - how similar the languages are to each other
  • Domain closeness - the level of match between the source translations used to train the model and the content you will translate using machine translation

What content is machine translation suitable for?

Machine translation can be a good choice for content that is either not mission critical or customer facing such as internal communications but can, in some cases, be used for large volumes of content with lots of repetition such as user-generated content, video transcripts or product descriptions.

We're ISO 18587 accredited

ISO 18587 is the first quality standard specific to the provision of machine translation post-editing services. Agencies with ISO 18587 accreditation have met the highest standards in the industry for machine translation and human post-editing.

TranslateMedia is regarded as a leader in machine translation quality management and was one of the first translation agencies ​worldwide​ to be awarded the accreditation.

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