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Because almost 75% of searches are not in English

We’re an international SEO agency that can help you improve your multi-language search traffic in any of the global regions in which your organization operates.

Our services:

  • International keyword research
  • Metadata optimization
  • SEO copywriting & translation
  • On-page technical SEO consultancy

Organic traffic from the world’s largest search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu and Yandex, accounts for over 50% of global web traffic. Appearing in prominent positions on global search engines is critical to business success.

We’ve helped thousands of companies improve their organic traffic in a number of regions. By combining our translation and localization knowledge with modern SEO techniques, we’re able to offer a tailored SEO service for our clients, depending on the regions they wish to target and, of course, their target audience.

What is international SEO?

Put simply, international SEO is a tool for getting your website to the top of global search engine rankings.

It’s likely that your website already uses a number of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques in your native language, and the result of those efforts can be seen in your rankings on sites like Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

However, if your company operates in other countries where a different language is spoken, it’s important to consider localizing your SEO. This will help ensure that your customers and potential customers can find your website when searching in their own language on local search engines.

International SEO can be a great way to expand your existing client base and increase awareness of your brand, products and services among a new audience.

SEO translation service

Whether you want to undertake an international SEO campaign across your entire website for a multitude of search terms, or just for a few key pages, we can ensure that you have the full support of trained SEO professionals and translators. Our specialist multilingual services have resulted in significantly increased natural search traffic for our clients.

At TOPPAN Digital Language, we only work with mother-tongue translators who are professionally trained linguists. We take a holistic approach to our international SEO service, helping ensure that your website enjoys increased and targeted traffic from a global audience.

To get international SEO right, you need more than just language skills. You need local expertise, including knowledge about how search engines operate in each target market and which are most widely used by your target customers.

Getting keyword research right, across all of your target markets, is one of the most important steps, and often requires more than the traditional professional translation service.

Expert international SEO – vital for global success

Carrying out a successful international SEO campaign requires far more than simply translating your existing website content, page titles, headers and meta descriptions. It’s a detailed market and customer analysis process that involves constant optimization to improve success.

Due to various cultural, economic, geographic or other reasons, people in other countries may be searching for different things for different purposes, using a variety of keywords and synonyms. That’s why it’s important to ensure that your international SEO campaign is carried out in a way that results in more than just a straightforward translation.

High-quality international SEO will examine things such as popular search engines in a specific country, and the algorithms they use to rank websites.

Those carrying out SEO should also integrate keyword research in order to understand the particular words and key phrases that are used in an area. This includes being aware of alternative terminology, such as slang, idioms, English hybrids and dialectical differences.

Since Google launched Hummingbird in 2013, semantic relationships between different pages on your site and the structure of your site, information architecture, and navigation elements, all need to be optimized using natural language rather than the process known as keyword stuffing in order to achieve results.

Keyword research for international SEO

This research service  identifies the most searched for and potentially lucrative keywords that a website in the target market should include in order to rank highly in search engines.

Our approach here is NOT simply based on translating or replicating a set of terms for the US market or US market demand… as a result, we can clearly reflect the full breadth of opportunity for each country without cultural bias or assumption.

In addition to our local resources and in-depth knowledge of terminology, we will use a range of techniques, such as competitor analysis, to identify all possible terms.

Some of the following criteria are typical assessment points per keyword:

  • Local search volumes
  • Relevance of keyword
  • Local competition on each keyword
  • For each keyword you will receive:
  • The localized search term (one per source keyword)
  • Search volumes
  • The corresponding English translation (as this will often differ from the source English keyword)

We will use your existing English (or native language) keyword list as a basis for this research by translating foreign language alternatives, creating a list based on an existing foreign language site, and/or creating a keyword list using an English website as reference.

We will research the product or service the customer is offering to ensure that keywords are appropriate for the content. Our keyword analysis pricing is provided per keyword, which enables you to scale your international keyword research projects based on business success.

Metadata optimization

This involves optimizing web page metadata with keywords identified during keyword research, including page title, meta description, and a list of keywords that the page is targeting. We can provide advice on character limits for the world’s major search engines, including double-byte character languages such as Chinese or Arabic which have less space to work with, and therefore need a different approach to meta data optimization.

Optimized web page translation

Once localized keywords are generated, we can optimize your web pages to include your focus key terms. This would be included in the translation phase of any web content to be translated at a later date.

We offer live demonstrations of our SEO translation services to give you an example of how we work.

Our expert language professionals in markets around the world include local search specialists who have a in-depth experience of local multi-lingual SEO. We can give you real value by locally sourcing the work for the market you are targeting, doing original keyword research to make sure you are targeting the most relevant phrases, and providing rich SEO content for your web pages.

Talk to us to see how we can help you with International Search Marketing. Contact us now!

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