Toppan Digital Language was established in 2021 but we are formed on decades of experience, and with a clear objective to become the leading provider of language solutions for regulated and business-critical content.

Amongst our leadership team is a group of trusted localization experts who have worked with many of the world’s largest businesses to consistently deliver complex multilingual projects.

Observing that traditional and generalist language service models no longer served the needs of these customers, Toppan Digital Language was founded on the core values of customer service, innovation, and collaborative partnership. We bring together deep industry expertise with a keen understanding of its customers’ sectors and business needs.

Toppan Digital Language is proudly part of Toppan Inc., whose revenues exceeded US$13.8 billion in 2021, and which has a global team of more than 50,000 employees.

Founded in 1900, Toppan is a leading and diversified global provider committed to delivering integrated solutions in fields including printing, communications, security, electronics, and digital transformation.

Building on these foundations, the Toppan Digital Language team brings a fresh approach to technological innovation, always putting the customer first and building solutions which combine best-of-breed third-party and proprietary technologies, cognizant of the fast pace of language technology innovation and our customers’ ecosystems.

In August 2021, we acquired GlobaLexicon Limited, a leader in providing language solutions to the Market Research and Insights market.

Founded in 2004, GlobaLexicon (now Toppan Digital Language (UK) Ltd.) has become one of the leading providers of language solutions to the Market Research and Insights market. Since acquisition, we have continued to focus on, invest in and grow this sector.

Less than a year later, in April 2022, we acquired TranslateMedia Limited. Founded in 2004, TranslateMedia (now Toppan Digital Language (UK) Ltd.) has become a leading global language service provider, delivering strategy, translation and marketing services to global brands using state of the art proprietary technologies.


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