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Connect your Drupal website to STREAM using our pre-developed Drupal connector

We’ve developed a connector for Drupal – allowing you to connect your Drupal website directly to our translation management platform, STREAM. This allows you to select content for translation within Drupal and receive professional human translated content back into Drupal once it’s complete. This allows you to avoid any issues with exporting or importing content and ensures that the translated content is returned in the right format, in the right place, every time.

Once installed, our Drupal translation management extension communicates with STREAM to identify new content and changes to existing content – allowing you to concentrate on content creation, content marketing and promotion, rather than worrying about the translation process.

How does it work?

Our connector automatically scans the Drupal website or e-shop for updates or additions. It then sends only those fragments out for translation in one or several languages. The fragments are sent to human translators working with an online translation platform and translation memories. Fragments for which approved translations already exist are not sent through. As soon as the translation is finished, the translated content is integrated back into the website, automatically or not, depending on the preferred configuration.


Drupal Translation Integration

Drupal Translation Integration

Features of the translation management plugin

  • Submit translation job/s to the STREAM server directly from the Drupal environment
  • Receive and publish translated job/s directly and without manual import/export
  • Review translations in Drupal or STREAM


  • Translation Management Tool (TMGMT) installed on your Drupal website
  • A STREAM API account
  • The extension can be managed by yourself or by us. It’s entirely up to you

At TOPPAN Digital Language we cover all aspects of localisation for your Drupal site, such as:

  • Content translation – pages, blogs, product descriptions;
  • International SEO
  • User interface / navigation
  • User experience
  • Legal terms and conditions

All translations are carried out by professional, native-speaking, highly-specialised translators and reviewed by equally qualified revisers.

Drupal integration with our API– secure, easy, convenient

Our secure API allows you to integrate your content management system (CMS) with our translation management system, STREAM, allowing you to select the content that requires translation, receive a quote, and deliver the content for translation at the click of a button.

Contact us now for a quote for your Drupal website localisation project.

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