Oracle ATG Web Commerce Translation

Oracle is a global leader in enterprise software. It’s the world’s second-largest software company and enterprise software accounts for almost 75% of sales.

While known for its databases, Oracle is still a contender in the web content management system market. The company’s aggressive acquisition strategy has meant that it has been able to start to offer many more services and technologies to support them – which include business data management, supply chain management, ecommerce and social media marketing services, amongst others.

Its acquisitions of market leading Endeca and ATG commerce solutions have allowed the company to combine the best of these technologies into their new offering –Oracle ATG Web Commerce.

Oracle ATG Web Commerce offers lots of different possibilities for CRM, ERP and payment gateway solutions with the company claiming to allow integrations with any supplier of these systems on the market.

However, for sites that sell many of their products on Amazon or Ebay, Oracle ATG Web Commerce may not be the best option since it has no third party integration facility for eBay or Amazon integration.

TOPPAN Digital Language offers the ability to connect your Oracle ATG powered website to our proprietary workflow management tool, STREAM, using our custom API.

No longer do brands need to rely on manual exports and imports from their Oracle ATG site, the whole process can now be automated by developing a few simple functions that allow your ecommerce store to deliver content to TOPPAN Digital Language for translation and have it delivered back to you for review and approval – saving lots of time and money in the process.

The whole process can be integrated into TOPPAN Digital Language’s translation memory tools – allowing for repeated phrases to be automatically translated at no cost with further integration with your brand’s style and tone-of-voice guidelines as well as a glossary of terms to ensure consistency and quality – regardless of the source or target language.

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