TOPPAN Digital Language Boosts Technical Prowess with Strategic New Hires in Tech Department

TOPPAN Digital Language Boosts Technical Prowess with Strategic New Hires in Tech Department

London, 1st November 2024 – TOPPAN Digital Language, the fastest-growing language solutions provider in the world, is excited to announce the latest additions to its tech department, setting the stage for unparalleled innovations with its translation management system, TOPPAN STREAM.

Easy to use and easy to implement, TOPPAN STREAM helps businesses streamline their multilingual content workflow, reduce time to market, and decrease costs with built-in end-to-end quality and security processes.

With an already established reputation for innovative, sector-specific language solutions for high-risk, business-critical content, TOPPAN Digital Language demonstrates its commitment to continuous advancement by investing in a team of seasoned developer professionals – each with their unique expertise and vast experience in the tech domain.

Some notable members of this recent recruitment drive include:

  • Sergi Vargas Martínez, Software Development Director. With over 15 years of experience in localization and internationalization, Sergi has previously led significant projects at RRD, SDL, and RWS.
  • Ángel Carrillo Moreno, Senior Developer (Architect). Renowned for his focus on technology and digital transformation, Ángel brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from creating and developing tools for telecom and translation businesses.
  • Almudena Fernandez, Senior Quality Automation Specialist, brings expertise in QA automation and DevOps from her time at SDL-RWS, where she focused on enhancing product quality and ensuring dependable CD/CI processes.

Additionally, this a newly added team includes a Senior Developer NLP Specialist with over 12 years of experience in the localization industry and a new Quality Automation Lead with significant development experience.

The new team, reporting into Sergi, alongside the existing experienced tech team, are expected to introduce groundbreaking enhancements for TOPPAN STREAM, further solidifying TOPPAN Digital Language’s position as a key player in the language solutions market.

TOPPAN STREAM is pivotal in our growth strategy. It’s about crafting a robust foundation for technology, processes, and people that not only withstand the test of time but also constantly innovate to meet future market transformations. It’s this balance of stability and forward-thinking that ensures our SaaS solutions maintain excellence and adapt to create new potential offerings and revenue streams.“- Sergi Vargas Martínez, Software Development Director.

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