Hire a Translator

Do you need a tried and tested professional translator to work on your project in-house?

At TOPPAN Digital Language, we have spent years building up a network of over 9,500 qualified linguists with expertise in several different business sectors – in particular, the retail, technology, ecommerce, media, publishing, medical and pharmaceutical sectors.

Over time we’ve been able to rate their performance and technical ability – selecting only the best translators and reviewers to work on client accounts.

We’ve increasingly been asked to provide translators who can work in-house on client accounts. This allows clients access to the best translators without the hassle and cost of placing ads online or in traditional media, or going through the time-consuming and resource intensive recruitment process.

Managed language services

So, we’re now offering all of our clients the ability to recruit tried and tested translators on an weekly or monthly basis to work on their projects.

We will ensure that only the most suitable translators are selected to work on your account, based on how many jobs they have successfully completed with TOPPAN Digital Language within your sector as well as average revision scores and a number of other key performance factors.

In need of a professional translator?

If your business requires a professional translator with the knowledge and experience in your business sector to deliver accurate translations which conform to your businesses style and tone of voice, then contact us with information about your requirements and we’ll do our best to put together the ideal translator team to allow your translation project to be delivered on time and within budget.

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