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Germany is Europe’s largest economy and after Russia and the German eCommerce sector is one of the most advanced – not just in Europe but globally.

Despite high levels of internet penetration and an active online population, the boom in online sales shows no signs of abating with retails sales regularly showing double-digit year-on-year growth. On top of this, German customers are extremely comfortable shopping on international websites so it’s little wonder that brands and retailers from the UK and the US are eyeing up the German market for opportunities.

It’s common knowledge that many Germans possess a good command of the English language but even Germans that speak English display a preference for sites that are localised in their native language. On top of that, if you want your site to succeed in Germany you need to make sure it’s optimised and has a decent amount of exposure on local search engines, the most important of which is

Achieving top search engine rankings as a new player in the German market is not an easy task. Brands need to ensure that their German websites are built from the ground up with SEO in mind.

TOPPAN Digital Language provides international SEO consultancy, which includes technical SEO audits, keyword research, brand and domain name selection advice, copywriting, translation, transcreation and technical implementation of SEO for your localised German website.

German keyword research

Embarking on a German SEO project is just like any other business opportunity in the sense that it pays huge dividends to conduct extensive research beforehand. Users in Germany are not necessarily using the same key phrases as their English counterparts to search for goods and services online.

By researching the key phrases that are most commonly used in Germany by native German speakers, you can ensure that your website is optimised for keywords that have the largest volume or are most used by your target audience. This, along with analysing the keywords that your local competitors are ranking for, will drastically increase the likelihood of SEO success.

We offer a bespoke keyword research service, focusing on your organisation’s goals, ensuring that you not only select the highest volume key terms but the ones that are most likely to be used by your German audience.

German SEO copywriting

Businesses often achieve better results from their SEO strategy if they create content for their target market rather than simply translating the content that works with their domestic audience for international markets. However, in order to do this, companies need to employ native translators with a deep understanding of not only the subject matter, target country and audience – but also a good understanding of white-hat SEO techniques.

Rather than stuffing your content with lots of keywords, we’ll help you create engaging copy for your German users, ensuring that you not only rank well on and other search engines commonly used in France.

We have a dedicated transcreation team who will help you craft your marketing messages for German audiences, while remaining true to your brand’s image, style and tone of voice.

German on-page SEO

Once you’ve completed your German keyword research and created your German content, you’re going to want to optimise your title tags, headings and meta description tags to ensure that your site receives good rankings and click-through rates.

Again, we can help you do this. We employ dedicated project managers to work on your projects and they all receive regular training on multi-language search marketing so that they are aware of the most current SEO techniques to help them deliver successful international SEO projects.

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