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Statistics released in December 2011 reported that Japan’s population of internet users had reached over 101 million (around 80 per cent of total population). These users spend an average of 2.9 hours online per day – longer online than both China (2.7 hours) and the US (2.3 hours).

“Japanese users spend longer online than
both China and the US.”

Unlike China, Japan doesn’t block western social networks; in fact Twitter and Facebook are the most popular micro blogging and social networking service in the nation. However, there are also a few domestic networks that are also incredibly popular, the most notable of which is Mixi, with more than 21 million registered users.

  • After a rocky start, Facebook is on its way to becoming the most popular network in Japan with over 10 million active monthly users
  • Twitter is still ahead of Facebook in Japan, with 30 million accounts. 14% of the worlds tweets are in Japanese
  • Mixi, Japan’s answer to Facebook, is still the most popular social network with 15 million active monthly users
  • 2 million of Google+’s 40 million accounts are Japan based and LinkedIn has around 400,000 users in Japan
  • Social gaming is massive in Japan. Gree has around 190 million subscribers and Mobage 21.7 million users
  • Blogging is hugely popular, 80% of Japans online population visited a blog in June 2011
  • YouTube has a reach of almost 47% in Japan
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