Online Translation Management Tool

Use of our online translation management tool is provided free of charge with unlimited user accounts. The tool could not be simpler to use, requiring no training or setup time.

The demonstration below shows the online translation management tool that offers transparent access to instant quotations, translation tracking, and reporting tools.

The tool is customisable and is very useful when you have a significant number of translation orders. The tool allows users to:

  • ensure translations are ordered in a methodical way
  • make all work orders traceable, transparent and trackable
  • speed up turnarounds; submitting orders online bypasses quotation and approval done via email, meaning the translators can begin sooner
  • get real-time updates on expected delivery times
  • download detailed management reports

For more information, to arrange a webinar or face-to-face presentation, or for some advice on whether the client portal could be useful for your team, please contact one of our professionals.

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